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Smiley Face Murders… Yikes!

How eery! I just heard about a new group of serial killers- responsible for at least 40 deaths of college students (all males) throughout the U.S.

Initially, none of these cases were linked. I guess these students vanished into thin air after a night of drinking. Inevitably, their bodies would be pulled from nearby bodies of water. Investigators figured “boys will be boys”, and that they probably just fell into these various rivers/lakes after a night of too much partying.

No one originally thought to connect the crimes, as they happened all over the U.S., the cause of death didn’t really raise any initial red flags, and the victims weren’t considered high risk. They weren’t drug dealers/users, they didn’t hang out with shady people… they were just normal, all-American, middle class kids. They were bright college students. They were all white. They were athletic. Most importantly, they all drowned.

Over the course of time investigators began the task of trying to determine where these young men had actually entered the water. Many of them weren’t found for months after they disappeared, so the point of recovery generally was not the point of entrance.

That’s when the connection became clear.

Seems at each victim’s point of entry into the water, once located, there was always- and I mean always- a smiley face found. Didn’t matter where the drowning took place- so far their have been 40 deaths, with the victims found in 25 cities, 11 states, and spread over an entire decade. Regardless of the location- hundreds of miles from each other- all the deaths were tied together by these weird smiley faces.

Another creepy connection between 2 of the cases is that one of the crime scenes (in Michigan) not only had the requisite smiley face, tying it to the other drownings, but there was also a strange word nearby- “Sinsinawa”. Detectives weren’t sure it meant anything- until a few months later when they were called to another crime scene in Dubuque, Iowa.

It was another drowning, and there was a smiley face at the body’s point of entry into the water. The body was found on Sinsinawa Street.


Insane, right? Spooky as hell too. I’m even happier than ever that I’m not a middle class college-age white guy.

Investigators claim that many people are responsible for these deaths. It wouldn’t be possible for one or two people to be in so many different places at once. Some of the crimes, while hundreds of miles apart, occured on the same day. Yet detectives also realize the deaths are related. They have to be. So now we’re left with the notion that there is a gang- a gang, people- of killers on the loose throughout the country killing people.

Like a cult or something? How do they recruit? WHO are they recruiting? Fellow white men? Women? Minorities?

Well regardless this is a creepy story!

Here’s the profile of the victims, released by detectives:

  • White college students in their 20s
  • Athletic, popular and with good grades
  • Disappear after going out drinking at a bar
  • Are always found drowned in a river
  • Smiley face graffiti is found close to scene of crime

 So hey, all you white boys out there- stay away from college, water, and alcohol. It could mean the difference between life and death!


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

21 thoughts on “Smiley Face Murders… Yikes!

  1. Chrissie:
    perhaps the murders were coordinated via the Internet by Left-wing fanatics who hate Middle Class Average nice guys. How would I know about any of this? Well, my brother was the victim of such an attack, he survived, though.
    BTW: The police did nothing…even when my brother identified the perpetrators. This and several other episodes like it led me to firmly believe in self-protection….

  2. Would this same thing happen to middle class black college students? What’s up with the discrimination. It sounds like racial profiling to me!

  3. I guess this same thing could happen to middle class black college students, but whoever is doing this is targeting the white ones. I’m not the one targeting people, so I wouldn’t really know why certain folks are getting drowned in the river while others aren’t. Besides, this wasn’t even a political piece! Why are my conservative family members picking on me over this one?!?!

  4. I was only taking the opportunity to show how corny it sounds when black people make the same type of argument. You said it best in another post by saying, “…you cannot put yourself out there as a damn freak and then get pissed off when people think you’re a freak. Same thing with people who wanna act like thugs- pull your pants up, act like you have some self respect, quit projecting a scary image- or else stop bitching when people are scared of you!” I might add to your comment by saying, “if you don’t want to be racially profiled because you are black, then stay out of the convenience store with your gun!” You posted some statistics regarding how the prisons had so many blacks!!! What I want to know is… was I there in my white capacity making them ALL break the law? It was refreshing to see you post something showing the atrocity of murder no matter who or what color the victim is.

  5. Alright, I’ll take the bait… though it is worth repeating… this was not anything close to a political piece.

    For the record, the post you were quoting- my tirade about people acting like freaks and thugs and then getting pissed off when they’re treated like freaks and thugs was an open letter, if you will. I did not single out one particular race over another. I was speaking to people in general. I stand by those comments, however I am appalled that my words were used to promote an argument FOR racial profiling. That this argument is based on the premise of black people bringing guns into convenience stores, as if this is something all black people participate in is disgusting. Absolutely ignorant, to be sure. Do you personally know any black people who have brought guns into a convenience store? I don’t. And yet I know plenty of black people who are discriminated against- and yes, racially profiled- every day.

    Now to address something else you said above, did you, in your “whiteness” cause the problems that black people face today? Of course you didn’t- but here’s a better question- what have you, in your “whiteness” done to help black people- or minorities period- ever? Perhaps you don’t think it’s your responsibility, as “their” problems are not your problems. If that is truly how you feel, and if “their” problems, and “their” guns in convenience stores are not your issue, then I invite you to step aside, and leave the debate altogether. If you are not willing to help address- and ultimately solve- the problem, then please feel free to be quiet and let “us” deal with it on our own. K?

    After saying that, I feel much better- though I am far from finished. Moving on…

    The issue of race is a complicated one. I think it gets over-simplified by people on both sides. It is too simple to say “black folk just need to learn to act right”. Yet it is overly simple to say, “white people need to quit holding us back”. The truth, in my opinion, is in the middle. Are blacks and other minorities still unfairly targeted in this country? Absolutely- and you are blind (or white and priveledged) if you can’t see it. Is the justice system unfairly slanted against blacks and minorities? Absolutely (allowing denial to creep in and avoid this fact doesn’t make it any less true). By the same token, do black people and other minorities need to stand up and do something about the way we are being perceived by this society? Absolutely.

    I think it is yet another example of conservative B.S. to expect ANY group of people to simply rebound and be perfect, considering what those very same conservatives were putting those very same people through very recently- within your own lifetime, no less. It wasn’t long ago, and I am beyond sick of hearing conservative whites say, “Get over it- I didn’t cause your pain”. Just by saying such a thing, you are contributing to the problem, and yes, causing additional pain.

    Why is it too much to ask that people get off their high and mighty pedestals and help each other? If we’re all simply Americans as conservatives like to say (as opposed to “African American” or “Asian American”), why can’t we, as “Americans” come together and fix this? Shouldn’t be too tough if what you say is true- and you are not, in fact racist. So again, what is it you’re doing to help ease some of these tensions? How about spending a little less time stereotyping people and defending such horrors as racial profiling, and a little more time opening your mind?

    Contrary to popular belief, not every black person in America had the opportunity to be the next Colin Powell. Most people aren’t lazy, or too angry to take advantage of the opportunties granted them by “the land of the free”. Usually, people (and gasp (!!) this includes black folks too) are products of their environment- and all too often are simply trying to survive.

    Looking at the statistics, and referencing my personal experiences, and experiences of those I care about, there is no way on earth you or anyone else will ever be able to convince me that black people are just that bad as compared to whites. Black people in many areas are still targeted, and are still being treated as sub-human. Not all black people, not everywhere, but absolutely it is still a huge problem. To continue perpetrating this b.s. that “if they wanted to help themselves they would…” is offensive to me personally. It is a cop-out. Continuing to bury your head in the sand, perpetually blaming society’s problems on the under-dog is cowardly.

    I would suggest standing up for what’s right (I said “right”, not “white”), and stop making excuses and supporting laws that focus on continuing a false, ugly stereotype. How about making a positive difference for a change?

  6. well, I sure sparked a debate…but I did not say anything about race. My brother’s incident was a violent, near death assault. The eight or so young men, screaming things like “you are symbol of capitalism” or “Did your Daddy buy you your car?” were dead give aways that these hoods were acting out their political agenda against my brother. Yes, he was driving our father’s car, a nice one indeed, but how did that warrant first the verbal, then the physical attack? My brother was merely walking into a burger place to get a burger for heaven’s sake. THe police did nothing besides look at the whole affair.
    For chaze 77, allow me to recommend a website that documents such behavior by people claiming to be liberals… or socialists, or communists, or nihilists , or what ever. Go to and see for yourself…if you dare.
    The blogger there goes undercover to events and uses images to document the behavior. SO, if you think it funny my brother got horribly beat up (he lost most of his teeth, part of a nose, and a lot of his site so he had to then on use glasses), I feel sorry for you.
    If you don’t like the fact that leftists tend to use violence like that, well do something about it and start learning things on your own. For instance, go to:
    and read the article about econmics..
    I agree about helping each other. If just one person had intervened, my brother would not have been so badly beaten.


  7. I would never condone violence of any sort… certainly not such that you just described. I had never actually heard the story about your brother, and never knew such a terrible thing had happened! I actually thought your comment was tongue in cheek and never, never, never would have made light of it had I known you were referring to an actual event. Never. For that, I truly apologize. I would be mortified had I ever shared such a tragic event with someone, only to have them laugh about it. I assure you, such a violent act is in no way humorous to me. It is one thing to stand up for what you believe in- and yet another to violently attack someone as a result. Regardless of the belief in question. What a horrible thing to do.

    I don’t know that I agree that “leftists” use violence like that- though it certainly does appear that the leftists that attacked your brother certainly did. I will continue to research… and certainly will state out loud that I am never- NEVER- a supporter of violence against anyone.

  8. From my Uncle, who is cowpotty’s husband (and not the same “unc” that has been posting here previously). I was not going to post this, but thought I ought to. He originally posted it himself, and I deleted it. After taking some time to think it over, I believe if my uncle wants to be heard on this, he should be:

    Well, you’ve finally done it. I am offended,
    extremely disappointed, and completely done with
    you and your self-pity. It is apparent you don’t
    know Brenda and me, and we obviously have given
    you too much credit. You call Brenda a racist.
    SHAME ON YOU. You have no idea what she and her
    family have done for others.

    You say you want to hear other people’s
    opinions. You phony! You only want to hear those that
    agree with you. You were raised by a loving
    family. Get over it! We have all loved you as you
    are; as we all are. Now you spit on us.

    As far as making it political, IT IS political
    because low life democrats have forced this crap on
    the minorities for years. The fact you don’t
    understand that conservative is to Republican as
    liberal is to Democrat doesn’t surprise me. You
    should be smart enough to study the history and
    you will learn it was the Republicans that fought
    for the end of slavery. It was the Republicans
    who went against the Democrats to push for equal
    rights. It is the Republicans who believe everyone
    has the right to work for, and EARN their place
    in society. But then, I guess you don’t get it.
    Fine, wallow in your self-debasing pity and join
    that crowd of people. I thought you were better
    than that.

    Blacks have been given opportunities over and
    over again. In fact, black men were given the right
    to vote before white women so don’t give me
    this suppressed crap.

    You inferred Brenda is a racist. You have no idea
    how offensive that is, or you don’t care. At
    this point, as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter.

    Here are a few facts for you:
    You were raised in a privileged family that
    happened to be white and everyone including your
    extended family has loved you. Now I feel spit on.
    My children, your cousins, were raised to
    respect all people. They were never allowed to be
    mean or utter racial slurs because I never allowed
    it, nor did Brenda’s children.
    The fact Brenda adopted a Korean son and
    raised him from a baby makes her a racist? How dare
    you! You don’t even know her.
    Yes, we are conservative and believe in
    providing for one’s self and not expecting someone
    to do it for us. What a concept!
    And finally, what have I done to help them?
    What? What have they done to help themselves?
    Better yet, what have you done? It isn’t my place
    to help those who refuse to help themselves. But
    I’ll tell you something young lady, I don’t
    give a damn what race, color, or gender someone is!

    When it comes to a job I’ll hire
    anyone they have the job if they are willing and able to
    do it. That is one thing I have done. By
    offering a job, I give even minorities the
    ability to provide for themselves and that is a
    thousand times more than you and your phony liberal
    idealists do to help anyone.

    Now: remove me from your email and any other
    lists you have… I’m done with you.

  9. Wow… lots to respond to here. First, I am unable to see where I have ever posted anything about my views, myself or my family that can be construed as self-pity. Please feel free to explain this further, should you later decide you are no longer “done” with me.

    Next, I did not call Cowpotty a racist. I do believe her views tend to be short-sighted and I do believe her statements are the type that perpetuates racism in this country, but never did I call your wife a racist. I simply disagree with her opinions on certain issues, as she clearly disagrees with mine.

    The fact that you’re cool with her bashing my views, as well as my loved ones (such as my BLACK daughters) is not lost on me either. I took offense to the labels Cowpotty seems to be placing on black people in general- making reference to their violence- as seen in her post about black people bringing guns into convenience stores.

    I have always said I want to hear others’ opinions, and I stand by that. With regards to this particular blog, I was a bit confused as to why Cowpotty decided to turn my take on a news story- nothing political, black panther-ish about it- into a race fueled fire fight. In fact, when she initially commented on this blog, I blew it off, and made light of it- specifically because I did not want to address such things with my aunt in this type of forum. She continued to post, and simply wouldn’t quit. After her second racially-fueled comment, I stepped in and spoke my mind, as she was clearly hoping I would do. With that being said, I am a bit confused… at what point was I closed minded? Was it when I posted her bigot-filled comments on my blog? Why on earth would a closed minded person bother allowing someone with opposing views to post on her blog? Actually, maybe that’s the issue here- did I become closed minded in your eyes when I defended my views?

    Let me make sure I understand this… I need to agree with the negativity my aunt is attempting to shove down my throat in order to be considered an open-minded person?

    Dave, if that’s the case, paint me closed-minded then, because I am not interested in hearing why it is ok to corral an entire race of people- any race of people- and treat them like second class citizens. Now if you or anyone else would like to bring something productive- something conducive to finding a solution to what is certainly a big problem in this country- I’m all ears.

    May I suggest, the next time you feel that I am unaware of all my parents have done for me, read my Mothers Day blog. Heck, read ANYTHING that I have ever written that involved personal experiences of mine. I have NEVER been anything but proud of my parents, and appreciate every last thing they have ever done- and continue to do- for me. Of course, they already know that, so I guess it doesn’t matter that you don’t. As a matter of fact, on this very website, on the “All About Me” page, I am singing my parents’ praises. Actually, don’t bother looking it up. Allow me to save you the trouble and post it right here-

    “My parents are my heroes, as they are living their dreams… they are my true role models. I’ve never known two people who have worked harder, or sacrificed more for themselves, their families, and each other. Their path was never the traditional one, but they made it, and in the process, taught me more than they’ll ever know.”

    While certainly, I was raised by privaledged white people, I AM A MINORITY. How many other women do you know that look like me? Heck, there are less of me than there are of black people… being raised by white people does not make me white, David. That is a point that has slipped past you over the years. I’m not white.

    As for your political statements regarding Republicans vs. Democrats (I believe you actually said “low-life democrats”), I did not reference a Republican or a Democrat in my entire response to Cowpotty. Not even once. I did reference Conservatives, and only did that because your wife is so proud to be one. I am well aware that it was the Republicans that ended slavery… I am also well aware that Republicans and Democrats have done a complete and total flip-flop since the Civil War. Therefore, based on the comments made by Cowpotty, as well as your follow up, I am forced to conclude that had you been around during the Civil War, you would have been a card-carrying Democrat- an opinion I never would have felt the need to mention, had you not brought it up yourself.

    Did you really say that minorities need to “EARN” their place in society? What the hell else do they need to endure? Slavery wasn’t enough? Segregation didn’t cut it for you? Let’s see… the lynchings? The raping of black women? How about the continued racism that still exists that each and every black person must overcome in some way or another? They STILL haven’t done enough to earn their place? Clearly, you are very hard to please. As a race, black people certainly have been through more than whites have… so what’s the white guy’s excuse? How come his place has been EARNED?

    I certainly have done what I can to help minorities. In addition to being strong and proud, so that my own children can have a role model, there have been other things as well. I speak out against the injustice that minorities in this country are regularly faced with, and I do the best that I can to present a “straight from the horse’s mouth” view of the situation. The things I cannot relate to, such as growing up in poverty, or being stopped on the streets by trigger happy cops, I at least have the decency to close my mouth and let those who have experienced such injustice speak.

    My minority daughters feel that I have contributed quite a bit. If nothing else, I can say I am raising daughters that are open-minded and will never use their race as an excuse to either do something or not to do something. They will not judge others based on the color of their skin. My 9 year old for example, would never dream of saying such hateful things as your wife did today- referencing black men bringing guns into convenience stores as an EXCUSE to support racial profiling.

    Wherever I may see injustice, I talk about it. For example, when I see black people acting a damn fool, putting that “thug” image out there, I call them out on it. I have done the best that I know how, to dispell the cruel stereotypes that others try so hard to perpetuate.

    Moving on, you make mention of your children, and how they were raised. Well, I don’t know your children well enough to know whether or not they were truly raised to respect all people. Certainly I hope the love you taught- and have shown- them is not conditional, as what you have shown me.

    As for Cowpotty adopting a Korean son, I’m not completely sure what that has to do with anything. First of all, I did not call her a racist. Second, adopting a Korean child does not, by default, make someone a lover of all things black. Koreans are Asian. Blacks are not. We are not talking about the same group of people, so it is quite possible to be fond of one, and hold great disdain for the other. I’m not saying this is the case with Cowpotty. Frankly, I don’t know one way or another. I can go by her statements to me, which again are quite short-sighted.

    I don’t ever recall asking for anyone to do anything for black people other than treat them fairly. Did I say it was society’s responsibility to give any people (of any color) a handout? No. I asked what your wife has done to help minorities. Helping is not a hand out. I’m not asking for anyone to be given a free pass. I’m asking people to help those less fortunate than themselves, no matter who they may be. Period.

    In fact, I actually told Cowpotty that I feel racism is a complicated issue. I did mention those who stereotype blacks, and how that needs to stop… but I also made reference to black people taking responsibility for their actions as well. It is important that both sides commit to a solution… as without everyone’s cooperation, things will remain the way they are now. And that is very sad.

    As you know, the only contact I have had with Cowpotty of late has been to defend myself against the attacks she so tirelessly makes against me and what I write.

  10. Wow,

    I have to say this saddened me as I read it. I understand the conflict that must be felt when having to ponder whether to air family laundry over the internet.

    What is most telling is the responses that turned a crime commentary into a political debate regarding race. How did that happen? I have to think there are some underlying issues going on that would allow one to come to these conclusions based on this story.

    I have to defend the author here because I believe the way the words that were directed towards her in this debate were incredibly cruel and spiteful. Not to mention I would dare to challenge some of the facts presented.

    1) First of all to address a political group as broad as the Democratic or Republican party as “low lifes” undermines the credibility one tries to present. At best it’s useless rhetoric. I agree and disagree with both parties on various issues. Many liberals and conservatives are more sophisticated than the broad brush painted over them. The name calling such as “phony” etc is just plain hateful. I wonder what goes on in one’s heart to allow one to respond so defensively.

    2) The attempt to educated one on the racial moral victories of the Republican party is deceiving. After all the party of Lincoln is not the same party of Reagan and Bush. A simple google search will allow one to know and understand the old Republican guard as well as the sins of the early Democratic and Dixiecrat parties. Surely you don’t believe that the Republican party that now fights Affirmative Action and anything else related to serving racial justice today represents the one from the early days.

    3) To speak of one’s priviledge upbringing as if by being blessed it should shut the mouth of one calling for justice across the board for Americans of all ethnic backgrounds – is silly and quite immature. If anything those who are blessed are the ones who may be most listened to. Even the bible says that a poor man’s wisdom is despised.

    4) I don’t envy any person of mixed descent in this country. They have to battle racial disparities and stereotypes from both sides. Running smack regarding a race resume’ does not dismiss anyone’s potential prejudices nor the complex and prevasive attitudes that come along with the history of this nation. So suggest otherwise is at best short sighted and at worse tragically dismissive of an issue that won’t go away anytime soon.

    My prayers are with you.

  11. Oh my!

    As a liberal (wink) I can honestly say that anyone posting anything that alerts the public to a possible serial killer has done a service to her community.

    As for the political polarization in the comments…absolute statements are absolutely wrong and that’s the only absolute statement I support. I respect too many Republicans to dive at this bait. And I love this country too much to simplify our problems into them versus us.

    There is a lot of anger and emotion listed above that has nothing to do with politics or policy. Y’all need to talk…and listen…and remember why you are a family.

    Come to tthink of it, that wouldn’t be a bad idea for Congress or the nation.

    Blessed be, for we are all worthy…

  12. Wise as always, Shark-fu… thank you for your comments. I’m very excited to see you made your way over to my neck of the woods!

  13. Here is some stuff from more recent news…this is what I hate to see happen…

    Racist Ranting Moonbats Verbally Attacking Uniformed Soldiers in DC
    Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:56:46 am PDT

    Michael Yon has a copy of a letter to military personnel from the Department of Transportation, warning about incidents in which soldiers in uniform have been verbally assaulted by crazy ranting moonbats while riding the Washington DC Metro.

    Washington D.C.
    Dept of Transportation Federal Transit Administration sends:

    Recently, there have been local incidents in which military personnel have been verbally assaulted while commuting on the Metro. Uniformed members have been approached by individuals expressing themselves as anti-government, shouting anti-war sentiments, and using racial slurs against minorities.

    In one instance, a member was followed onto the platform by an individual who continued to berate her as she exited the metro station. Thus far, these incidents have occurred in the vicinity of the Reagan National Airport and Eisenhower Ave metro stations on the yellow line, however, military members should be vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times while in mass transit.

    Should you be approached by any individuals expressing anti-government/anti-war sentiments, or any other types of direct verbal assault, immediately notify your local police jurisdiction. If riding metro, exit the train at the next stop, distance yourself from the individual, and notify the Metro Transit Police Department. …

    Here are a few friendly reminders of personal protective measures that can help you to stay safe:

    – If possible, do not commute in uniform (military members)

    – Do not display DoD building passes, “hot cards”, or personal identification in open view outside of the workplace

    – Do not discuss specifics about your occupation to outside solicitors

    – Always try to remain in well lit, well populated train cars if traveling via metro

    – Be vigilant at all times!

    National Operations Center

  14. btw Chaze77
    I hold that dialog not tripe is most productive in a civilized society. Just because some does not agree with me does not make the instantly bad. It is the pathetic reach for violence as the sad smoke screen for a lack of moral foundation or strong position in an argument that is the most troubling. My experience in this all is that those more on the Left of the political spectrum tend to pursue violence all to quickly.
    Further, for some strange reason, these people also pledge their moral or even outright public support to the likes of these:
    MAN OH MAN…. I can’t upload the video I wanted to here. I have a short video of Al Queda’s own making showing the machine gunning of school children. The really sad part is that someone here (a Frenchman, I think) saw that and told me ‘so what’, they probably deserved it…
    THAT is what I rail against, this apathy, this morbid sense of willing support of such evil.
    BTW: can anyone tell me how to upload that video? It is only about 700 KB in size.

  15. With regards to the first comment- where military personnel are being warned not to travel in uniform, etc, I must say I am dumbfounded. Certainly our own military should never feel uncomfortable, or in danger when traveling within this very country. That is very, very sad, indeed. I confess to being infuriated at the mere idea of it. Our military is doing a job that I am incapable of doing… and regardless of one’s political views, I would think most people understand that our military did not send us to war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Whether one agrees or disagrees with the way this War on Terror is being fought, what in the world is to be accomplished by attacking our Military men and women? That is similar to… well, invading Iraq when Bin Laden was the one we’re really after.

    Regardless, I never condone violence- especially against the military. It truly sickens me.

    The 2nd comment- where you were trying to post a video of Al Quaeda machine gunning down children did confuse me a little. I do not believe leftists are any more or less violent than people on the right or people in the middle for that matter. Nor do I compare any of the political back-and-forth in this country to Al Quaeda in any way.

    I don’t know of anyone- on the left or otherwise- that supports Al Quaeda- thankfully. I do know people who are not in support of the war (myself included), but those, like me, certainly support our troops. We, like others, want to see an end to terrorism… we just believe the way our country is currently fighting that battle- and consequently putting the lives of fellow Americans (military personnel), and therefore my own family members on the line- is not the appropriate way to handle things.

    Finally, the 3rd comment- thank you for the link, and I will absolutely check it out. Unfortunately, the website seems to be blocked when I attempt to access it from my company’s server. I will look it over when I get home though. Even if my opinion is not changed by what I read, I do welcome the opportunity to further educate myself. One never knows what they may find while reading!

    The Smiley Face Murders are getting a little more attention… tonight there is a special report on them on CNN (on Anderson Cooper’s 360). Also, I posted a link about the story in my “Articles” section of this site.


  16. I was broadsided when i read this story. It took me awhile to post a comment , because it brought up alot of things that i have been thru and seen in my life. I have to agree with bbgcmac’s response. This started out as someone posting on a murder story , and it turned into something more serious. I believe that it shows that our society still have along way to go as far views on race and politics. Who would of thought that a murder story would of brought these feelings of race and politics out. When i hear about a murder or a crime i dont automatically think of what race the victim or person comitting the crime is. I see a human being hurt and another human doing the hurting.
    I understand that this is not a perfect world , and everyone has their freedom of speech. But i wonder if Chaze77 would of recieved the initial response that she got if all the victims would of been of another race or ethnic background.

  17. There you are James! Welcome aboard, and thank you for your comment… it is appreciated. 🙂

  18. WOW!! Did I miss the turkey dinner that most family’s sit down and hash out their ideas and beliefs to each other over, and have a PERSONALFAMILY debate. I am appalled!!! BUT, I must say Chrissy I am proud of you for not backing down and standing up for yourself. Love ya sis, Michi

  19. Thank you for your support! It was a bit confusing… getting pulled into a racial discussion over a post that wasn’t even about racism to begin with… and then being disowned and called personally offensive names over a racial discussion that, well, wasn’t even personal to begin with.

    Sigh. My head is spinning.

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