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Jilted Lovers, Clarence Thomas, Derek Jeter and Big Feet

Quite a while back I heard a news story about a whole bunch of black men who were receiving hate mail after they had been seen in the company of white women.

In reading the story, though I can’t recall where I originally saw it, I remember thinking…


This nonsense had been going on for over 20 years, and the letters threatened such nastiness as castrations and explosions.

The men receiving the letters were all either black or bi-racial, though they were young and old, rich and poor. In fact, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas got one, as did Yankees player Derek Jeter (he’s halfrican- like me)… (!!!)

Well, they finally caught the guy who was doing it.

According to this story , the guy sending the letters is a man whose girlfriend originally left him for a black man.


That’s quite a motive.

The FBI, in spite of their top dogs having profiled this most-special man, never considered the angle of a jilted lover.

I guess the pain of being left for someone else was bad enough… the fact that he was left for a black man just added insult to injury.

When he was caught, he told the FBI that they just wouldn’t understand, unless the same thing had happened to them.


I suppose I can’t really comment then, right? I’ve never been left by my one true love for a black man… I guess that kinda disqualifies me as an expert on the subject… tho I have left plenty o’ men, ultimately trading up to a… ahem… blacker model.

To my knowledge, I’ve never had any guy say, “Well, it woulda been cool, had ya just left me for a white guy… but cuz this new man in your life is black… I’m downright insulted…”

Well, hang on- there was that one guy who told me after we broke up that he betta not ever catch me with a black man…

Does that count?

Must be an ego thing… black men are known for their larger… err… feet, after all.

Regardless, ol’ boy pleaded guilty to a bunch of stuff regarding the mailing of threatening communications. He’s lookin’ at twenty-somethin’ years behind bars.

Poor thing.

Overcrowded and racially… uh… slanted… as the jails are right now… I think he’s about to find out (first hand, no less!!) exactly why his one true love left his ass to begin with.

Ow ow!!

Ahhh… the irony.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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