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Rachael Ray, Scarves and Terrorism… Really?


Is this for real?  Has Dunkin Donuts really pulled its ad featuring Rachael Ray because the black and white silk paisley scarf she’s wearing symbolizes… terrorism?

Dammit. I think it is real.

I initially saw something about this earlier on The Huffington Post, but as much as I love that site, I really just thought it was a bunch of… well, I don’t know what… b.s. I guess.

As a nation, where the hell are we headed if we think a stupid scarf worn by Rachael Ray of all people is a symbol of terrorism?

I am dumbfounded.

So… what… she’s participating in the jihad by way of Dunkin Donuts?


I don’t get it.

If it were Osama Bin Laden in the ads or some other polarizing staunch supporter of all things Radical and Muslim… or I don’t know, some guy who had previously called for the death of all Zionists… I think I’d concede that Dunkin Donuts had reason for concern… but… Rachael Ray wearing silk with a pretty paisely pattern?

I think this is a slight overreaction.

Seems we’re just a tad too sensitive when Dunkin Donuts has no choice but to get involved in the War on Terror in order to avoid a boycott… because of Rachael Ray…

Wearing a scarf.


A world that sees her and her scarf as a threat is a world that is indeed in trouble.




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6 thoughts on “Rachael Ray, Scarves and Terrorism… Really?

  1. I read about this today, and my eyes glazed over. Forget that Book of Revelation shtick. Signs the world is ending should be global media concern over some billboard chick in the wrong scarf, Hillary Clinton conflating her own tenacity with the JFK assassination, and, oh, I don’t know…Brendon Nelson saying something sensible.

    But, then again, that last might never happen. 🙂

  2. Keep in mind this controversy was spearheaded by card carrying lunatic fringer Michelle Malkin. Obviously Malkin has way too much time on her hands after being fired from Bill “Do It Live!” O’Reilly.

    BTW, John McCain’s daughter was photographed in a scarf like that, so don’t vote for McCain or we’ll have a terrorist sleeper agent in the White House.

  3. What? Ya’ll didn’t know that Bin Laden’s favorite breakfast are donuts… that he frequents the local Dunkin in Afghanistan with his Al-Qaida possie for java and strategizing? Come on! It was on Fox News… Hannity reported it. You were probably too busy looking at that snitch McClellan on Olberman’s show. When when you liberals wake up?!!

    Rachel Ray belongs in Guantanamo Bay!

    Repeat that after me!

  4. I haven’t seen the scarf but I’m guessing it was a black and white checkered one that is worn by many in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    Lets face it folks, the world needs to have a frank conversation about terrorism… why is it terrorism when a small group of people who feel they have no voice and are under complete and utter oppression of one form or another attack those who they consider their oppresors indiscriminantly, but when a state kills 10 times the number of innocent individuals as the terrorists originally killed, those deaths are mere casualties of war.

    I’m saying BOTH ARE WRONG. And it’s a chicken and egg conundrum. We need to get these chickens and eggs (Israel & Palestine, the US and Iraqi resistance groups, Mexicans and Sandanistas, Columbians and FARCs, etc) to learn how to share the damn nest (Earth) otherwise the chicken is going to peck away at the egg until it breaks and then choke on the shell, forcing the entire chicken population into extinction.

    I don’t know if that made any sense. But lets get together and admit that we all suck and then move on.

  5. ooops, Mexians and Zapatistas… sandanistas are from further south… and I missed a question mark in the paragraphasentence above that.

    Apologies for any other mis-spellings…

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