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Crazed Women, Sore Losers, Priests and the UCC

Alright, so Obama has resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ. He doesn’t want to have to answer for every word that comes from that church and he doesn’t want the church to have to answer for everything that’s happening in his campaign either.

This revelation hurts me a little… I am a proud member of the United Church of Christ. I was born and raised in that denomination and my father, who is one of my only true heroes is an ordained UCC minister.


While I secretly chuckled when I heard Pfleger’s most recent comments, I do realize that Hillary probably wasn’t laughing.

Mostly, the priest was right… but as we all know, the truth isn’t always something we can handle. Like Pfleger said, Hillary did feel that she had this nomination in the bag… and between who her husband is, and her time in the senate… well, she thinks this thing should be hers.

Enter Obama, and she’s watching all her well-thought-out, well-orchestrated plans fall apart in front of her eyes.

In the words of Scooby Doo… Ruh Roh.

Ultmately, in her mind, it boils down to her physical years in the senate, her popularity, her personal life plans, and who her husband is. She’s worked hard for this, and believes with everything in her that this nomination should be hers.

In all honesty, I used to actually like Hillary Clinton- a lot. I thought she was a strong woman, I admired her life-long ambition, I respected that she held her head high during all the Monica Lewinsky stuff, and I loved her passion for health care.

It wasn’t until I saw how she conducts herself when she’s losing that I lost all respect for her. She knowingly put misinformation out there about her oponent’s religion, and she attempted to widen the racial divide within this party (and nation), all in an attempt to win.

She has sold herself out by proving there is no line she won’t cross and I find it disturbing… Like good ol’ Bush, she believes the ends justify the means, and she was willing to fight dirty as long as it meant she could take her place in history as our first female prez.

My respect for HIllary took a downward turn back when she refused to acknowledge on 60 Minutes that Barack Obama is not a Muslim.

I was dumbfounded when she couldn’t just say “No” when asked the Is-Obama-A-Muslim question. Instead, she seized the opportunity to pull a stunt that would make the Bush Administration proud- the almighty “Scare Tactic”, attempting to capitalize on our inherant fear of all things Muslim.

She knows damn well that man is not a Muslim.


Next, when that didn’t work, She then went on to put that ridiculous pic of Obama out there that made those less educated think he was dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

Finally, disgusted that none of her silly schemes were working in her favor, she had her people (by way of Ferraro) tell the world that Obama has only come as far as he has because he’s black. As if that man hasn’t had to work 12 times as hard to accomplish half of what she has… and he’s had to do it his whole life.

More recently, she’s still being a sore loser, only now, it’s about this nonsense with the Florida and Michigan votes. When she thought she had this shit hands down, she wasn’t worried about their votes. Now that Obama’s kickin’ her butt (and she can no longer get away with personally attackin’ him without risking irrepairable damage to her own political future) she’s decided all votes should count.


Adding to her desperate attempts to clinch this thing, she’s pulling an Al Gore, cryin’ about how she has more of the popular vote than Obama, and therefore should clinch the nomination. Spare me- it was all about the damn super-delegates in February. Now that they don’t want her, she’s crying about popular vote.

The bottom line is she’s losing.

I know she doesn’t like it, but please, for the love of God, somebody tell her to put her big-girl panties on and stop acting like a crazed woman.

She’s making the rest of us crazed women look bad.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

4 thoughts on “Crazed Women, Sore Losers, Priests and the UCC

  1. You echo a lot of my feelings here. I started out with a phenomenal amount of respect for both Clintons. I always felt Obama was more the guy for me, but I’d have been alright if she’d won the nomination.

    I was a little skeptical of the former President’s activities in his post White House years, but figured 1998 was a long time ago, and maybe people are over delving into his personal life.

    And then once we were into the primary season, the microscope was on her to a greater extent, and it was not appealing. There was all the stuff about Obama’s drug use, releasing photos of him to Drudge, the Muslim thing you reference above….all kinds of bullshit. As we got deeper into the primaries, it got worse. Then it was the race baiting, references to assassinations and “hard-working Americans, white Americans”, and the typical Clinton deceptions and lies about Michigan and Florida.

    My Republican friends love to say “See how disgusting we’ve been telling you they are?” Sadly, I think they were right.

  2. Good question… I wondered the same thing when I read that article. I didn’t realize resigning from the UCC was akin to resigning from your job. Oh well, regardless, he’s still a rockstar to me!!

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