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Hillary Clinton Finally Threw in the Towel

Hil finally did it! She has suspended her campaign and endorsed Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president.


I’d say it’s about time.

Before the speech started, while they were showing all the people who came out to support her… I realized… Man, she really is a rockstar, isn’t she? I chose to watch her concession speech on C-Span

I saw grown ass people crying hysterically at the mere sight of her… I may even have seen a pair of panties or two thrown on stage at her… or wait- were those men’s briefs?

I admit I only watched this hoping to gain a litle ammo with which to rip her a new one, as I figured she’d pout her way through the speech, bitchin pissin and moanin about how unfair all this has been… 

She’s shown herself a sore loser in the past… which is why I watched her concession speeach to begin with. I wondered how she was going to conduct herself… and since she’s conceding the nomination to Obama, I thought there may be some fireworks… or sumthin, anyway.

Surprisingly though, she handled herself quite well… despite the crushing blow this loss must be for her.

Praise the Lord for that! (For handling herself so well- not the crushing blow part)

Her concession speech gave me a long-lost glimpse of the Hillary Clinton I had come to respect once-upon-a-time. She’s charismatic, and dare I say… actually seemed optimistic about helping Obama win this thing.

When she was talking, I found myself kinda captivated… I really wanted to hear what she had to say.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not gettin’ all teary eyed at the thought of Clinton losing the nomination… not by a long shot. I, for one, have been planning to Barack the vote for a while now.

What her speech did do, however, is make me realize this woman is going places… she’s going to keep climbing upward, and I think I’m kind of excited to watch her do it.

She’s nothing if not resiliant, and her political career is far from over.

It’s possible that her “let’s work together” stuff was just a schtick so as not to burn any bridges to get on that VP ticket… but to see her behaving in a positive way for once is quite refreshing… no matter the motive behind it.

I’m glad she finally threw in the towel so that now we can begin concentrating on the task at hand… whoopin’ good ol’ (and I do mean OLD) McCain’s ass.

I’m even happier that she did it with integrity and didn’t come across as the bitter old hag she’s been sounding like lately.

She even had some positive stuff to say about Obama, and while I remain unconvinced of her sincerity (let’s face it- it’s gonna take more than one pretty speech to undo THAT damage)…

at least she didn’t pretend he’s Muslim again.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Finally Threw in the Towel

  1. Man Im Glad she finally decided to call it quites. She was really starting to piss alot of BIG WIG DEMOCRATES off. Now they can reunite the party and get down to taking care of business.

  2. you know i was worried about what the outcome would be and if a person like that would prevail over the truth. But with her out of the way its all about who produces the best actions and outcomes they SAY they will and whats in the best interest of EVERYONE so we will see who wins in the end. 🙂

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