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“Whitey” Never Happened, Neither Did Most of the Other Nonsense…

Can we please just put an end to this crap?

Michelle Obama never used the word “whitey” while speaking from the pulpit at Trinity United Church of Christ.

As a matter of fact, she has never even spoken from the pulpit at Trinity at all.


Simply because Trinity UCC is predominantly black (and proud of it) does not make it, nor any of its members- the Obamas included- evil.

How many of you attend all white churches? Bet you don’t think there’s anything wrong with that… so why the hell should Obama or anyone else apologize for worshipping at a mostly black one?

Who cares that it was once-upon-a-time led by Rev. Wright?

What about Rev. Hagee? Or Pat Robertson? Those two guys- legitimately- have a helluva lot more to apologize for than Wright does, with all their hate-mongering and scare tactics.

As a matter of fact, so do all those nasty Catholic Priests who’ve been preying on little boys.

Religion is controversial. Period. No matter what your damn denomination is.


I’m pissed, dammit… but moving on… cuz that ain’t the only thing I need to cover…

Next, Barack Obama is NOT hiding his birth certificate, and in fact, you can even see it here.

He’s not Muslim, he wasn’t raised Muslim, and he did NOT attend a Muslim school- ever. He lived in a country that has a large Muslim population for a while… but because his parents weren’t wealthy enough to send him to the neighboring private Catholic school, he instead attended the non-religious public school… much like what exists in this country.

He has always been, and still remains, a devout Christian.

All these stupid rumors are debunked on Obama’s new website, and thank God for whoever’s idea it was to set this thing up.

I don’t expect everyone to love Obama, nor do I expect everyone to agree with his political views- hell, I don’t even expect everyone to like the guy. That’s what makes this a great country to live in. We don’t have to agree with each other all the time.

But jeez… cut the guy some slack. Just because Farakhan endorsed him doesn’t mean he’s Muslim… or that he has plans to take over the world by rockin’ Black Power.

Just as McCain doesn’t necessarily agree with Hagee’s comments about the Holocaust- in spite of the fact that he publicly sought Hagee’s endorsement- which by the way is something that Obama never did- not with Rev. Wright or Farakhan- Obama doesn’t necessarily agree with their words either.

I have the freedom to “Barack the vote”, and others have the freedom to vote for that old fart McCain- or anyone else they choose.

It’s cool. Really.

What infuriates me beyond words are the lies.

If someone dislikes Obama- that’s ok- dislike him… but dislike him for legitimate reasons, and stop the vicious lies.

Stop being sheep, and quit following the herd cuz it’s the most convenient thing to do.

Just because someone prints something, writes it out in black and white, doesn’t make it true.

Shame on those of you who believe this nonsense being said about Obama… and shame on you same people for forwarding it to your friends and adding fuel to the fire.

Think for yourselves. Educate yourselves. Know what’s important to you- and then pick the candidate that will best represent you.

Putting a bunch of crap that isn’t even true out there is ignorant, and quite frankly makes those of you who take it all at face value look stupid.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

4 thoughts on ““Whitey” Never Happened, Neither Did Most of the Other Nonsense…

  1. Well said! It seems some in our society have become pawns for deception as the malicious intent of media corporations are promoted through their tools, News Programs and various media outlets. One can only hope that the American Public will see through this charade and lend an ear to common sense instead of corporate gossip!

  2. I have such a hard time with the “educate yourself” phrase. How do I know that where I go for information isn’t all lies and slants as well? I feel like I can’t believe anything I read or see in the news because everyone is out to make it look the best for THEM. What’s right? What’s wrong? Am I going to use bullshit in my next argument that I found on Yahoo! News?

  3. Well, I think simply reading the news isn’t enough… news sources- even reputable ones make mistakes… or spin the facts on purpose. It’s a good place to start… but with regards to Obama and McCain, rather than looking to FoxNews or Yahoo! News as your sole source of information, do some digging of your own. Obama has a great book out… check it out from the library… and McCain’s got lots of stuff out as well. The more you read, the more creative you are about getting your information, the more empowered- and yes, educated- you’ll be.

    Ask questions, and don’t take everything at face value… thanks for stoppin’ through Nicki!!

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