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George Carlin, Pacman, Don Imus and Politicians

I just have a few “quickies” to touch on.

First, I must say how saddened I was to hear George Carlin died. That man was funny as hell, he was honest, and he is going to be missed.

I loved that guy. 

Second, can someone please put a plug or something in Don Imus’ mouth? Seems he’s in trouble again… during his show, when being told about the legal and professional problems plaguing football player Adam “Pacman” Jones, Imus asks… “What color is he?”

Who the fuck cares?


I can’t stand that guy- Imus, not Pacman.


Being fired once for being a racist ass wasn’t good enough? Does he feel the need to go for an all-time record?


Moving on… I just want to touch on this McClellan stuff real quick.

Is anyone paying attention to the stuff he’s saying? 

This is the same nation who, just a few years ago, wanted Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton burned at the stake (well, I didn’t, but…) for making some intern chick get hers by way of a cigar in the oval office.

Bad judgment? Yep.

But really- if we can fry a guy for that, where’s the outrage at Bush and his administration?

They’re all a bunch of lyin’ asses, and their lies didn’t merely embarrass us. Their lies didn’t simply ruin a marriage. Their lies have cost millions of people their lives. From our service men/women to the innocent civilians that are killed daily… and yet he doesn’t have shit to worry about, does he?


Next, we have this Charlie Black guy. I have to talk about him.

He’s McCain’s chief advisor. He’s decided that another terrorist attack would be a huge victory for McCain.


Really? Now we’re measuring terror attacks based on which political candidate such a tragedy would give the edge to?

I say, stop wishing attacks on this nation and concentrate on finding that fucker Bin Laden!

For Gods’ Sake.

Finally, let’s talk about this stupid quote that’s floating the internet, being attributed to Obama. People are flippin’ out because they think Obama said this nation is no longer a Christian nation, that’s it’s a Mustlim nation instead.


Can I just say, stop being idiots, stop being sheep, stop believing every damn word you hear… and educate yourselves?!

Obama, even if he believed such a stupid thing would never go on record to say it.


He actually wants to win, people. Keep that in mind.

What Obama said, for those of you who care, is that the United States is no longer a solely Christian nation.

He’s right.

That’s not controversial at all.

For those of you who want to keep manipulating his words… stuff it.

You look ignorant.



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