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Obama, Flip-flopping and the Election

Barack Obama has made a colossal mistake.

I realize his statements in North Dakota Thursday were part of an attempt to boost his appeal among more centrist voters but…

He really blew it.

Regardless of his motives, he just came across as another wishy-washy politician, someone who is willing to alter his views, his very beliefs, based on what will get him the most votes.

Very typical of most political types… but atypical of Obama… and quite disappointing.

This flip-floppin’ stance on Iraq may very well have cost him the election.

Mr. Obama has always stated- unequivocally- that should he be elected President, he will immediately launch an exit strategy to get our troops out of Iraq.

His website details a plan to do so within 16 months of his inauguration.


He isn’t so sure about that anymore.

He’s backing away from those statements, and now it looks like it’s possible that even with Obama in office, Iraq will continue to be the embarrassing, deadly clusterfuck of a nightmare that it has been up to now.


Obama’s comments were part of his attempt to move closer to the center and away from the left… the strategy being that such a shift would ultimately attract swing voters.

Ironically, it will likely be those same voters who will now go running straight to McCain.

Obama’s appeal has always been based in large part on the fact that he stands strong for what he believes. Even when his position is an unpopular one… even when his colleagues are pressuring him to change his mind.

Personally, I think there were a lot of Independent voters, even some conservatives who prior to Thursday were planning to vote for Obama… because they recognize we need a completely different approach to Iraq…

McCain will be another four years of the same.

A lot of people, social conservatives, were willing to vote for Obama, regardless of the fact that he doesn’t hold the same views as them on such issues as abortion and the death penalty… but they were so desperate for a fix to this Iraq fiasco… they were willing to make some concessions and elect him anyway.

Obama was the guy who could make the difference and get us the heck out of this nonsense-of-a-war… a much needed about-face from the Bush Administration.


Apparently not.

Many of those conservatives and middle-of-the-road people who were willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt are now going to shift their support back to McCain.

Damn shame.


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5 thoughts on “Obama, Flip-flopping and the Election

  1. I was shocked to hear Obama did this. It is going to be interesting to see what happens now and how he plans on handling this Big misstep.

  2. Exactly , and its sad that he did it. Because like you said , alot of peopel might of not like his views , but they were willing to look pass them for the sake of bringing the troops home.

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