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McCain, Crystal Balls, Lies and Mainstream Media

I was wrong.

Shocking I know, but it does happen occassionally. The good news is, I’m not the only one who screwed up on this one. Most of y’all did too.

Anyway, onward. 

It appears that the media got a little over-zealous with regards to Obama “flip-flopping” on Iraq. Those of us political nutzos in the blogosphere jumped on this story only to find out that… well… it wasn’t actually a story after all.

Seems my pal (well he’d be my pal if he knew who I was- I’m certain of it) Obama did not flip-flop.

Yee haw!

Allow me to break this shit down for you.

Here’s what happened- McCain’s campaign recently looked deeply into their crystal ball and decided that Obama would… eventually, someday, probably… flip-flop on his Iraq stance. It hadn’t actually happened but because McCain said it will happen… most likely… the mainstream media jumped all over it, reporting on it as if it had happened.

Reminds me of that nutty psychic lady Cleo… only worse. People actually take this joker McCain seriously.


Before long both supporters and opponents of Obama were beating the hell out of him for his “change of position”.

I must admit, I was one of those people… I’m now hanging my head in shame.

Stepping out of the psychic realm, jumping into reality, here’s how it went down.


McCain manipulated a simple statement of Obama’s- regarding his upcoming trip to Iraq. Obama had merely said he was going to visit the region so he could make a more thorough assessment of what was happening over there… using a firsthand viewpoint to refine his strategy- if necessary- with regards to the war.

That’s all he said, folks.

McCain jumped on that- somehow twisting the meaning around and simultaneously shoving it down the media’s throat.

Before we knew what had hit us, the headlines were screaming, “OBAMA FLIP-FLOPS STANCE ON WAR”.

Not true.

Now that we know it didn’t happen, now that we know McCain played a dirty trick on the media and the American people in general, where’s that story?

When the world was convinced that Obama had blatantly reversed his position we couldn’t get away from the headlines.

They were everywhere.

We now know he didn’t reverse his position after all.

We’ve also learned that the media is gullible as hell and no longer feels the need to verify the crap they decide to throw our direction. 

Beyond that we also know that McCain, at best, will play games to win a few votes. At worst, he’s a lying old-as-dirt scumbag who will stop at nothing to win the election. 

Why isn’t that just as big- if not bigger- a story?

McCain, with the help of the “let’s just run with it” media has made an ass out of us… I don’t understand why we aren’t just a littled ticked off by that.

Personally, I do a great job of making an ass of myself- by myself… I don’t need this guy contributing to that cause.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

2 thoughts on “McCain, Crystal Balls, Lies and Mainstream Media

  1. Cynical answer: the media are a bunch of mud-throwing, muck-racking propagandists who love to chuck shit at the fan, but who are simultaneously so jaded themselves that there’s no story in the news that an old politician fights dirty. ‘Coz of, you know, being a politician and all, and having had 50-odd years to ignore the handbook. Whereas Obama be all fresh blood, and a young gun. It’s news when he screws up (or appears to). Bigger story = more sales.

    Most likely answer: see above, re: exact fucking same.

    I’m just a bundle of joy this morning. 🙂

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