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The New Yorker, Obama, McCain and Crack Pipes

I am one of those that got offended by the New Yorker’s most recent Obama cartoon.

It was completely disgusting.

The artist claims this nonsense was supposed to be satire, not ignorance… and it certainly wasn’t meant to be cruel.

Really? Perpetuating false stereotypes is supposed to be funny?


I guess I don’t get it.

I do wonder though… Instead of poking fun at things that aren’t even real- like Obama’s fictional Muslim roots, or his wife Michelle’s unfounded militant personality- why not talk about some things that are true?

For instance, here’s a little “satire” about Cindy McCain…

She’s a recovering drug addict… and not just an addict… but… *gasp*… a criminal

She was caught stealing pills- percocets actually- from a non-profit medical relief organization… and hey- it wasn’t just any ol’ organization…  

It was the one she founded.

None of us heard about it when it actually happened because she has more money than God and was able to make it all go away.

She merely had to agree to close down her non-prof org and spend a little court-ordered time in a swanky rehab facility.

It was more of a court-ordered sabbatical really.

Are we laughing yet? 


Hmm… well how ’bout this one then…

Did y’all hear the one about how John McCain cheated on his first wife- not only with Cindy (she was Cindy Hensley at the time), but countless other women as well?

Seems he had a hard time keepin’ it in his pants.

This, in spite of the fact that Carol McCain had faithfully waited for her hubby-dearest for five-and-a-half years while he was a POW in Vietnam.

Ready for the punchline?

It seems that while John McCain was locked up overseas his wife was in a horrible car accident– she broke both her legs, shattered her pelvis and ruptured her spleen.

She was physically scarred from the accident and due to surgeries that ultimately saved her life (not to mention a full six months in the hospital) unfortunately found herself a full four inches shorter than she used to be.

Gone was the beautiful former swimsuit model countless men had lusted after… McCain’s wife was instead (at least temporarily) confined to a wheelchair and had a catheter.

Plus, she’d gained a few pouds.

So what’d our fabulously moral Johnny boy do?

Wait for it, folks…

He left her for another woman.

Hee hee!

Oh wait- still not laughing?

Did I even get as much as a chuckle outta ya?

No? Well alright, I’ll try one more time then… perhaps this one’s a bit funnier…

Did you hear the one where Senator McCheater applied for the marriage license to tie the knot with new-love Cindy a full month before his divorce from wifey numero uno was even final?


I mean, that’s funny, right?

Ok- maybe not… but hey- at least it’s true, and in my opinion it’s about as flippin’ hilarious as a cartoon of Obama in a turbin… fist-bumpin’ his gun totin’ wife… with an image of a burning American flag in the fireplace.

And hang on- is that Bin Laden’s portrait hanging over the mantle?


I have a hard time imagining any publication running- in contrast- a cartoon featuring Cindy McCain strung out with crack pipe in hand wearing prison stripes behind bars… all while begging her hubby to wait for her- and for the love of God- please remain faithful!

Or something like this…

As poor taste as this is, at least it’s true.

Why do Barack and Michelle Obama keep getting so much shit for things that are not real- his “ties” to the Nation of Islam, his “relationship” with Farakhan, Michelle’s “hatred” of this country- while Cindy and John McCain get to skate, completely unscathed and untouched by the legitimately ugly skeletons in their own closets?

The McCains certainly leave much to be desired in the morality-slash-integrity category.

Perhaps the Obamas should consider themselves lucky.

It seems that due to the lack of real ammunition against them, people are having to fall back on merely making shit up.

Harty har har.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

2 thoughts on “The New Yorker, Obama, McCain and Crack Pipes

  1. What spins me out is that the New Yorker is meant to be all intellectual and high-brow, and here we have something that a teenage redneck might draw in his school workbook, tear out and then pass around the classroom, snickering. I’ll be interested to see if they try and ‘balance’ the uproar by doing something equally bizarre/offensive about McCain on their next cover.

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