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Prudes, Perverts and the TV Machine

There’s a new study out today by the Parents Television Council claiming that as much as television networks love sex, they’re not big fans as it relates to marriage.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of marriage either, so while I’m not terribly upset by the study, plenty of others are.

So anyway, the results are apparently shocking to some, as not only does tv love to sensationalize pre-marital sex (gasp!), but the kinkier the sex, the better. Networks are loving the “bizarre” as the article puts it, specifically referencing such things as sex toys and partner swapping.

Wait- that’s not normal?

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

While none of the above mentioned stuff had me doing much other than yawning, there was a little tidbit of info that did sort of make me pause.

I was not aware that visual references of sadomasichism as well as voyeurism outnumber images of marital sex by a ratio close to 3 to 1.

I guess we really are a bunch of perverts, huh?

Are the networks really that risque’, or are they merely portraying the lives of John Q. Public? I mean, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I tend to swing from the chandeliers every chance I get.

Ok, I’m lying, but still.

A lot of regular ol’ people are watching tv to escape their own reality. Duh. Maybe people in a nice (if not boring) marriage don’t really want to watch a bunch of stuff about other nice, boring marriages. Maybe they want to live vicariously through what they see at the movies and on television. Isn’t that why all the actors are young, thin, buff… beautiful… exciting?

Fabulous as I am, I would hate to sit down and attempt a temporary escape from my own boring, uneventful life by way of watching… other people’s boring, uneventful lives.

I want to escape my own reality and spend an evening sympathizing with a beautiful, thin FBI agent who just got knocked up by some guy who works in a bar, whose name she doesn’t even know and has to resort to tracking down via her state-of-the-art special agent skills… all while managing to apprehend an oh-so-dangerous and evil child molester… single-handedly… in 57 minutes (including commercials!)… without breaking a sweat or a nail.

At the end of the day it really is just tv.

Everything on the boob-tube (sorry about the pun- I honestly couldn’t resist) is driven by ratings. If millions of people didn’t tune in to partake of this “immoral… socially destructive” behavior every single night, the networks wouldn’t show it. We’re acting all outraged but hey, we’re still watching- in fact, demanding- the content, so what’s the deal?

Some people are actually so upset by today’s television offerings, they have resorted to hiring consultants to help them determine what shows are and are not appropriate for their children.



Clearly these folks have way too much time on their hands. Aside from the fact that every single tv show comes with a rating displayed in the left hand corner of the screen, how hard is it to figure out what is and isn’t appropriate for little Jr. to watch before bedtime?

I learned that lesson the hard way. Sit through a couple of icky sex scenes at 8 o’clock on a Thursday night with your 9 year old child on the couch next to you and… well, let’s just say you’ll never make that mistake again.

My kids are… this is shocking… actually supervised in what they are allowed to watch. They also know that what they are viewing is fiction. No, not every 15 year old girl is a regular high school student by day, and a teenaged super star by night, ala Hannah Montana. Nor does the typical high school student spend his/her day singing show tunes in the hallways at school, ala High School Musical. 

This stuff doesn’t reflect reality, and my little ones are aware of this. I have not allowed that nasty machine known as a tv to fry their brains, consequently making them think that everything- every love scene, every married couple, every villain, every hero- is in any way reflective of their own little boring ass worlds.

We take our entertainment too seriously, and that is what needs to change.

The rest will follow suit.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

5 thoughts on “Prudes, Perverts and the TV Machine

  1. I agree.

    Generally Marriage Sex tends to be on the boring side ( unless it’s Big Love or something similar ). All the happenin stuff is in single life.

    Also, few things irk me more than a parents complaining about the sexual/violent/whatever nature of TV, like TV is an actual person breaking into their home and molesting their children. A TV is just like a lawn mower or a blender or stove – sure the potential for danger is there but if you teach kids to properly use it by TALKING TO THEM or DISCIPLINING THEM, there’s no problem.

  2. Exactly. My kids know that watching TV is a priveledge and comes with certain responsibilities. If they abuse the priveledge, or act irresponsibly with it, I will stick my foot in their asses. Now THAT’S reality!

  3. CHaze77:
    for the record, my marriage is anything but boring. I love my wife and she me. Marriage has been a wonderful, fulfilling event in our lives. It is a little sad that many people don’t share this experience.
    I totally agree about the kids and TV. I limit what they watch and also sit in when ever I can to make sure.
    I am not a prude, in the least, but I hold that our society is not letting children remain children enough. TV is only a symptom of the problem.
    None of us can help people lead boring lives in their own eyes. Why not escape with a good book or even write one?

    Just my two cents..

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