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Colin Powell, Barack Obama and the DNC

I just saw a report that gave me butterflies in my stomach… and I almost literally began jumping for joy.

Fox News is exclusively reporting that Colin Powell will be endorsing Barack Obama for President.


This is huge.

According to the article, Powell will make his endorsement official while giving a speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Wait… What?

Powell’s speaking at the Democratic National Convention??

I’m barely even breathing at this point…

Really- I’m pinching myself.

As far as I’m concerned, Colin Powell has only two flaws-

One, he’s Republican (which hell, I can easily forgive, if he’s plannin’ on shaping up and acting right from here on out) and two, he was the Secretary of State during George W.’s first term… which, um, unfortunately, was the term in which we invaded Iraq.

Whatever- he’s not running for office- Obama is! So what if Powell erred a teeny bit in helping Bush plot what ultimately became the biggest, most expensive blunder in the history of our country?

I don’t think Powell was actually hired to do much other than agree with Bush anyway, and who knows how much worse this nightmare would have turned out, had he not been around to do a little damage control. Hard to imagine, but honestly, do we really know what all Bush would have demolished… er… accomplished had he not had his side-kick Powell right next to him?

Regardless, Colin Powell is a superstar, and if he is in fact endorsing Obama, it’s quite likely that Obama has just won the election.

If this is real, we may as well swear Barack Obama into office now.

In the meantime Powell’s people say none of this is true, and that he won’t be endorsing anyone… but those who claim to be in the know seem to be certain it’s all about Obama.

(Crashing back down to earth)

My mom always said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


The truth will all come out eventually… either Powell’s speaking at the DNC or he isn’t… either he’s gonna endorse Obama or he won’t.

In the meantime, this girl will keep right on hoping against hope that Fox News got it right this time… I’ll keep reading the articles online, experiencing something dangerously close to an orgasm over this…

… and try not to feel too disappointed if it all turns out to be a lie.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

5 thoughts on “Colin Powell, Barack Obama and the DNC

  1. Powell told ABC News. “I am not going to the convention. I have made this clear.”

    After telling ABC News by phone that he would not be going to the Democratic National Convention, Powell ended the conversation without entertaining any follow-up questions as to whether he would be crossing party lines to endorse Obama.

    You might have to sit down and quit jumping!

  2. Colin Powell was never a Republican. He just didn’t have any balls.

    No. Balls. No balls then, and no balls now.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t love and admire the man – I do. But let’s be real.

    I’m afraid Obama’s gonna have to make this one happen on his own.

  3. I love Colin Powell… had he run for prez back in the day, he would have been the first Republican I ever voted for… and I do mean ever! I’m hopeful that he will endorse Obama as he is definitely a much-loved man and therefore carries a ton of weight. I’m skeptical however that he, a bona fide Republican (regardless of the status of his balls), would be caught dead at the DNC…


    Oh, the anticipation!!

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