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Biden and Obama… Yin and Yang

I’m delighted with the decision to have Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s VP guy.

Initially I was scratchin’ my head, a bit confused…

Some of you may know Biden as the senator from Delaware who once stated, “…You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”

Ruh Roh.

He’s also the guy who said of Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook.”


Ok, so he’s not the most politically correct man on the face of the earth.

Plus he’s old as dirt… I’m just sayin’…

… but, after much consideration I have come to realize the genius in Obama’s decision.

Biden is Obama’s Yin- or Yang-


What I’m trying to say is for all of Obama’s awesomeness, there are some things he simply cannot get away with, and some constituents whose support he cannot gain on his own.

Enter Biden.

He is older, he’s got tons of experience, he’s Catholic, he’s fearless and he’s white.

People who don’t like Obama’s youth can look to Biden for political longevity… the guy’s been a senator since 1972 after all.

Those who don’t appreciate Obama’s Protestant roots can look to Biden for his Catholic upbringing.

Folks who are uncomfortable with Obama’s race can be comforted by Biden’s whiteness.

Finally, people like me, who don’t like how complacent Obama’s camp has been while under attack by McCain’s people, can rest assured that Biden will not put up with that crap… and has no problem letting McCain and anyone else who gets out of line know it.

There are those that feel Biden’s extensive political experience may actually hurt Obama’s chances.

Some feel that Obama’s message of change may be undercut by the fact that Biden’s been around so long… but I just can’t help but think of that as a good thing for Obama… certainly something that can easily be turned into a plus.

A lot of people have stated they may not vote for Obama because of his youth and lack of experience… bringing Biden on board may very well dispel those fears.

Best of all, and perhaps most importantly, Biden can get away with saying all kinds of things Obama could never get away with saying- and clearly he doesn’t mind filling that role on Obama’s behalf.

Obama needs to be able to show some outrage, maybe get a little mean, and he definitely needs to stick a big ol’ foot in McCain’s ass…

Problem is… he can’t… not by himself, anyway.

People are way too scared of angry black men… so while Obama- by necessity- has to remain calm, cool and collected, Biden gets to be the one diggin’ in everyone’s butt.

The guy may be old, but he obviously isn’t a stick in the mud.

He’s just blunt enough… and entertaining enough… to hold our attention.

Biden is exactly what this campaign needs.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

5 thoughts on “Biden and Obama… Yin and Yang

  1. The BIDENS BEAU (Delaware Attorney General) and JOE need to be exposed INTERNATIONALLY for their meddling in an American election using TERRORISM and the ABUSING THE JUDICIARY to falesly imprison (POLITICAL PRISONER) a citizen voicing their free speech.

    The fact that the Bidens have been assisting in eliminating Obama’s little sodomite problems is the likely basis of the veep pick…Biden has the goods on OBama and the Chicago Donald Young murder investigation, the problem is he will have the goods on OBama even if he wins (God forbid).
    Biden is outsandbagging the sandbagger!
    — It is obvious that Obama has used his muscle via Biden to ensure that Larry Sinclair, a disabled cancer stricken gay man terrified for his OWN life, loses his Constitutional Rights to have legal counsel representing him.
    As a Retired Detective, I can assure you that out-of-state arrest warrants are virtually never executed on minor felony charges the way they were on Larry. These type of arrests are made for felony murder, rape or huge grand larceny charges but in 28 years I never saw an fugitive picked up for passing a bad check. Further, there has been zero evidence presented and no formal charges despite the arrest.
    It seems rather obvious that Obama probably had a hand in directing that this warrant be executed. Larry has STILL despite FOUR requests never been given charges, he was “lost” in the DC jail system so that legal councel could not find him, he was deprived of his CANCER medication for days on end, they arranged to cancel his social security disability checks which he had to get reinstated, and they set an outrageous bail. Now, they seek to find a way to get LIFE IMRISONMENT for hapless Mr. Sinclair.
    The fact remains that there is still an ” active ” Homicide Investigation being conducted by Chicago P.D. re: the December, 2007 murder of Donald Young the male, black, homosexual choir director at Obama’s Church who was murdered after he admitted that he did engaged in oral sex with Obama & before he was able to get his scheduled meeting with Larry Sinclair, though he has spoken to Mr. Sinclair several times on the phone prior to his murder, wherein Mr. Sinclair discerned that Mr. Young was ALSO a gay lover of Obama.
    BTW — It is intersting to note that the results of Larry’s first polygraph which he was alleged to have failed were found to be fraudulent because the polygraph examiner was an uncertified examiner with little experience. Larry subsequently passed 2 polygraphs administered by a competent certified examiner confirming Larry’s allegation that he smoke crack with Obama & had oral sex with Obama in 1999.
    And don’t forget the murder of the OTHER TUCC choir gay young man, Mr. Bland around Dec 2007 also…cAN YOU BLAME SINCLAIR FOR MAKING A LIFE INSURANCE VIDEO GIVEN ALL THE MURDERS OF OBAMAS BOYTOYS?

  2. This is nonsense. Seriously, if you don’t want Obama to be president, just say you don’t want to vote for him cuz you don’t like his pro-choice stance or something like everybody else does.

    And what, specifically, are you referring to with regards to Joe and Beau Biden?? I need a specific claim to research… otherwise it’s just a bunch of broad meaningless statements.

    With the little information your comment gave me, I attempted to google any and everything that even remotely resembles your terrorism-judiciary-whatever claim… and came up with… suprise… nothing.

    Stop buying into bogus conspiracy theories as an excuse to dislike people.

    It’s idiotic, and you lose credibility.

    Larry Sinclair is a known crackhead and has absolutely no credibility whatsoever- especially where this Donald-Young-versus-Obama-gay-sex scandal thing is concerned.

    If Obama was in any way involved in this (besides having the bad luck of being a member of a church that is embroiled in such controversy), rest assured, he never would have made it this far… his haters would have made sure of it.

    Why does it seem so “obvious”, as you claim, that Obama had something to do with Sinclair’s arrest warrant? Maybe the sleaze had a warrant issued because… oh, I don’t know… he’s a known drug addict who broke the law while trying to fund his crack habit (makes sense, since the warrant was for passing a bad check, as you stated…).

    “Minor” Felony charges? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Since when is it minor when someone commits a felony (or two) and then tries to slander a U.S. Senator- accusing said senator of murder, no less? Funny- I don’t find that “minor” at all.

    Oh- and just because Sinclair SAYS he passed the polygraphs certainly doesn’t mean he did.

    Sinclair was “lost in the system” because he has made a bunch of terrible life choices- which unfortunately means he’s having to suffer some terrible life consequences as a result.


    I’d say in our intolerant society, Mr. Bland and Mr. Young were more likely the victims of some scary sadistic gay-hater(s)…

    That certainly rings more true than “Obama murdered the gay guys”.

    Shame on you- a retired man of the law- who isn’t interested in dealing with the truth.

  3. Wow….that third comment, I mean….wow. Crazy much?

    As for Biden and Obama, seems like a good match from where I’m sitting. Nice call on the yin/yang parallel!

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