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DNC, Hillary Clinton and Lame-A$$ Supporters

The Democratic National Convention is here.

I’m excited. Seriously.

If I could have taken the week off work to go to Denver- or hell, to sit at home on my couch eating bon-bons watching this shit unfold- I would have.

Unfortunately, I’m out of vacation time, so I, like the rest of you have to watch it on cable tv… after work.

It’s cool though- I don’t mind much.

What I do mind at this point is Hillary Clinton… or more specifically, her supporters.

Here’s a personal plea to Mz. Clinton:

Lord have mercy woman- do something about this madness.


I keep reading blogs and news articles and everything else, written from all kinds of Clinton supporters, claiming they will not vote for Obama simply because Clinton didn’t win the nomination.

Now what the hell kind of sense does that make?

You want another four years- or God forbid, eight- of Bush (err… McCain)…

Four more years of Iraq, outrageous gas prices, home foreclosures and tax breaks for the rich…

… Just to prove a point because Hillary didn’t win…


Worse, you want to do it out of spite…

Talk about your sore-ass losers!

I’m speaking to all you fake Dems who now support McCain, simply because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the primaries

You suck.

Every last damn one of you.

From Hillary’s standpoint, I can understand that this must be a very difficult time. Her dreams of being Commander-In-Chief (for the 2nd time) have been dashed, and that must be very painful for her.

But it’s no longer about her… she can cry all she wants to about her personal tragedy when the cameras aren’t rolling.

In the meantime she needs to get it together and stop participating in the unnecessary- and quite possibly fatal- divide within this party.

It’s time to stop with the wishy-washy crap and stand firm in support of Barack Obama, like Clinton’s half-hearted speeches impore you to do.

It’s all about the greater good, people… so get it together.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

2 thoughts on “DNC, Hillary Clinton and Lame-A$$ Supporters

  1. You are an idiot… it has nothing to do with being a sore loser and everything to do with the ECONOMY. This country is falling apart financially and the final straw will be a president with a track record of big spending. Now that Clinton is out, I’m voting for whoever is most likely to improve this financial fiasco we’re in.

  2. Uhh… call me whatcha want, but really, if you vote for McCain because you think he’s going to help the economy… then… well, I guess that makes you the idiot.

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