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Only In America…

Boy am I excited.

The Democratic National Convention really has me goin’.

I was at my desk today, about to get off work, and my supervisor says, “You’re glowing! Got a hot date?”

I gleefully told her that I’m just excited about getting home and tuning in to watch Obama speak tonight.

No really- it’s true.

I have loved every second of this thing… from Michelle Obama’s loving tribute to her husband to Hillary and Bill’s hearty- and genuine- endorsement of their candidate…

Barack Obama.

I was moved to tears when Beau Biden stood tall and proudly introduced his father- and I hope we all fulfill that single request to take care of his dad for him while he’s overseas.

Joe Biden got me boohooin’ all over again, talking about his mother… she is the cutest little thing… and feisty too (!)… and I believe him… really believe him when he talks about what this country so desperately needs…


I also believe that Barack and Michelle Obama, with the help of Joe and Jill Biden, and Hillary and Bill Clinton… along with so many others… will make it happen…


For the first time ever, I can say that this is a team of politicians I truly believe in… and dare I say… actually trust.

We had our drama, our party divisions… but at the end of the day, we have made history… and though I am sitting on the sidelines… I love that I am a witness to it.

How many people, on this, the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, ever thought they would live to see the day when an African American man could stand so tall and accept the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States?

Even John McCain stopped his smears long enough to congratulate Obama on a job well done.

History in the making…

Only in America.

This week I have again fallen madly in love with my country, my party, my candidate…

I hope you have too.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

One thought on “Only In America…

  1. I know how you felt. I was so excited about the speech, and it literally blew me away. It was probably the most amazing thing I’d ever heard. It was really funny how speechless the McCain camp was about it. That’s way they had to role out the dismal failure of the VP choice to kill the buzz. Too bad for them it didn’t work for me.

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