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John McCain, Beauty Queens and Aliens from Outer Space

When John McCain announced his choice for VP I immediately began to hyperventilate… I cannot wait to see how this plays out in both the media and in households across the nation.

Sarah Palin for VP…


This is the woman McCain is hoping will steal all those Clinton supporters?

A pro-life ex-beauty queen whose only political know-how comes from being the esteemed leader of the great state of Alaska?


I think we’re being Punk’d. Honestly, I do.

I’m sure Palin’s amassed a great following… most likely all 17 residents of Alaska think she’s done a bang-up job… and I’m just as certain she can shoot skeet and ice fish with the best of ’em… but let’s get real here.

McCain goes on and on and on about how Obama doesn’t have the experience necessary to run the country… and then… turns around and picks Palin as his running mate?

This decision will pretty much force McCain to give up what was perhaps his most appealing argument against Obama… or at least it should… I mean what kind of idiot is he going to look like if he keeps pushing that particular point… while simultaneously embracing… uh… what’s her name again?

Oh yea. Palin. I almost forgot for a second there… probably because no one even knows who the heck this lady is…

The woman has been the governor of Alaska for 2 years.

No, not 2 terms. 2 years.

Prior to that her experience consists of… well…

Not a whole lot.

She was a council member in a tiny Alaskan town from 1992-1996… and after that she was the mayor of said tiny town.

Yep, that about covers it.

She’s got the same amount of foreign policy experience as I do… which equals… uh… none.

Next to this lady, Obama looks like a Washington old-timer.

While Obama was gaining all that political experience McCain swears he doesn’t actually have, Governor Palin has been a very busy woman.

She has five kids… one of which is a very young baby, born in April with Down Syndrome.

Does she have time to help run the nation? I have 2 kids, neither of which have special needs, and I’m lucky I have the time to show up to work every day…

… and usually I’m late.

Just sayin’.

In addition to her busy home life and gubernatorial responsibilities, she is currently the subject of a legislative investigation for her alleged role in attempting to have a state trooper fired… a man who just happened to be going through a messy divorce with…

Palin’s sister.

What? A politician embroiled in scandal?

She should fit right in.

Personally, I think McCain picked her cuz she’s hot… I mean, yea, she’s got no experience, but she’s a babe… so she can’t be all bad, right? We all know about McCain’s penchant for the pretty young thangs… and let’s face it…

Cindy’s no spring chicken anymore.

Plus, all that plastic surgery is starting to make her look suspiciously like an alien. Not the illegal kind… but…

… from outer space.

Only in politics can any of this possibly be taken seriously.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

12 thoughts on “John McCain, Beauty Queens and Aliens from Outer Space

  1. In your face, huh?

    What, exactly, is in Obama’s face? All I see in his face is a lady who can’t possibly know what the heck she’s doing, with absolutely NO foreign policy experience… during a time when we’re fighting 2 wars.


    Yea. That was a smart choice alright.

    McCain just got a little too caught up chasin’ skirt. That’s what this is all about.

  2. Here we go again. Always remember… matter what experience she lacks….She has more experience than the Democrat Presidential Candidate. Jealous….


  3. More experience in what??

    Applying her make-up?

    Ice fishing?

    Giving birth?

    Certainly not the kind of experience I’m looking for in a 2nd in command. Especially considering the fact that John McCain is older than Moses, and has had multiple bouts with cancer.

    When the guy keels over we’re going to have a pretty girl who knows how to apply her blush better than the average bear leading us.

    But hey- to each his own. If that’s the kind of leader you’re looking for, more power to ya.

    I’ll tell you what I AM jealous of though- how does she manage to get her hair to look so darn glossy?

    And no, honey, make-up is NOT applied IN YOUR FACE but actually ON YOUR FACE… very similar to the egg that will shortly be on yours.


  4. Do be so bitter. Hope you joy.

    “Your Welcome” from my family who fights for your freedom to ignore common sense.

    Sweet dreams!

  5. I wasn’t going to keep approving your comments… but after you tried to post the exact same thing 87 different times, I finally relented.

    Here you go, hun… though I must give you fair warning… this is my blog, and I always get the last word.

    Your family is not the only one who fought for my freedom… and yours as well… My family has done the same for many generations.

    Never said I wasn’t grateful.

    As a matter of fact, I’m showing just how grateful I really am by taking full advantage of the freedom my relatives so bravely battled for.

    Seems better than reacting to things like a sheep would… kind of similar to what you’re doing now…


    Oh- and I think you may be a little overly excited. The first line of your comment makes absolutely no sense.

    Proof-read next time, would ya?


  6. I ran across your blog. I respect you statements, although I don’t necessarily agree with all. But the one thing I wanted to question is you following statement.

    “She has five kids… one of which is a very young baby, born in April with Downs Syndrome.

    Does she have time to help run the nation? I have 2 kids, neither of which have special needs, and I’m lucky I have the time to show up to work every day…

    … and usually I’m late.

    Just sayin’.”

    The issue I have with the above statement is would you say this as a point of argument if this Mom was a Dad?

    And btw…very good blog you have going on here.

  7. Ms. Palin has been an elected official for around 16 years. what was obama doing 16 years ago? i don’t think it will be very wise for the obama campain to start pointing out her inexperience. plus she atleast has executive experience. what has obama run? if she isn’t ready to be v.p. than obama is even more clearly than ever not ready to be president.

  8. The media and the comedians are licking their chops. I’d hate to be one of her children when they are done with her. And even women on the right are blogging that G– gave her the sacred task of raising a special needs child and then she has chosen by free will public ambition. I was told that only 1% of the voters base their vote on the VP choice. It might double this time around.

  9. 1) I thought the President of the United States actually had to be born in the United States. McCain was born in Panama.
    2) If the Republican party members are supposedly the geniuses of fiscal spending, then why are we in the biggest deficit this nation has ever seen? Highest unemployment and home foreclosure rate in years?
    3) As John McCain has agreed to vote with Bush on average 90% of the time, as he himself stated, why didn’t the President or the Vice President, the current leaders of the party, show up to the convention of his party to join his political commrade?
    4) Regarding Palin and Obama on experience: let’s take a gander at the current Republican’s “choice” for president. He was on VACATION for 40 days prior to entering office. He has been on VACATION for nearly 2.5 years of his 8 year term already. While McCain was fighting in Vietnam, Bush was getting drunk and doing lines , AWOL on the Texas National Guard. Bush ran every business his daddy bought him into the ground, just as he has done to our economy.
    5)So experience obviously wasn’t too much of an issue to get a drunk, coke-sniffing, leisure-loving, AWOL militant “leader” into office. Obama has shown he has keen reasoning skills in debate (more to come in the fillowing weeks). Sarah Palin should get prepared, spackle some foundation on her cheeks, and prepare for the tears that will be rolling down when Obama and Biden begin to smote her and McCain with their sharpened tongues. 6)Beauty is only skin deep.

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