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How To Spell Palin: P-U-M-A

Some people want to know why I came out of the box so quickly yesterday in protest of McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin.

I’ve been told by a person or two that I was perhaps a bit tough on the old gal.

I disagree… I honestly don’t think I was hard enough on her… and certainly not on John McCain himself… this asinine decision was his, after all.

Tough as some may have thought I was, I actually left a whole lot of my beef with McCain’s choice out of the post altogether.

For example, not once did I mention the all-too-obvious link between Palin and big oil… her husband is an oil production operator, and has been for 20 years.

Ok- yea, that point is kind of weak. Sort of like all the folks who made complete fools of themselves in drawing ridiculous- and false- parallels between Obama and The Nation of Islam.

But whatever.

Smacks of special interest, if you ask me.

Palin is a staunch pro-lifer, even opposing abortion in cases of rape and incest.

As McCain pounds his POW status to death, she is doing the same… by beating her decision to keep her baby, upon learning he had Down Syndrome, into all of our heads. Some felt that Barack Obama was whoring his kids out at the DNC… this woman, however, is using her precious son, his special needs, as well as her own personal choice as a means to advance her own right-wing agenda.

Further, has no one caught the irony of a woman who parades her “choice” to any and everyone who will listen… while simultaneously pledging to banish the very right she practiced- in “choosing” to keep her son- for other women everywhere?

She believes creationism should be taught in science classes, and is a proud card-carrying member of the NRA.

In the words of Senator Joe Biden… “That’s not change- that’s more of the same”.

The “change”, I guess, is supposed to stem from the fact that Palin is a woman.

The reasoning behind her placement on the GOP ticket, however, is downright offensive to women everywhere.

Yesterday, Palin mentioned Hillary Clinton’s adage about the 18 million cracks that were recently made in the proverbial glass ceiling… and then has the nerve to act as if it is her goal to shatter that ceiling “Once and for all!”

Huh. I doubt it.

This was Palin’s thin-veiled attempt to appeal to Hillary’s female supporters, some of which are, yes, disenchanted.

What she neglected to point out is the fact that she stands against everything Hillary has fought for- the most important being women’s rights. Those who truly love and support Hillary Clinton must also embrace her vision… and Palin’s short-sided views stand in polar contrast to everything the Senator has ever worked for- from her time in the White House, to her time as a New York State Representative, to her time on the campaign trail.

The idea that all McCain has to do is tout some woman- clearly, any woman will do- and he will suddenly have the female vote is thoroughly insulting, and shows just how little he really cares about our rights.

To think he can just pluck some young chickadee out of the wild, someone who has no experience on a national (let alone international) scale, someone who doesn’t care in the least about our plight as women…

Shows just how stupid he thinks we are.


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6 thoughts on “How To Spell Palin: P-U-M-A

  1. This inexperienced woman took on the whole state party and two Senators and won. She has an 80% approval rating in her state.

    She’s pro-life or anti-abortion. Sure. But abortion is disgusting. No matter the cause or reason. I’m anti-abortion and while not necessarily pro-choice, I’m against making that decision for others. If one desires an abortion, it’s between them, their conscience and their maker. Not me.

    She became the first female Governor of Alaska. That’s a glass ceiling busted right there. She’s accomplished as much as Hillary and she didn’t need to ride her husbands coat tails to do it.

    From what I’ve read her husband is a blue collar worker on the pipe line. it’s like saying that a gas station manager is a link to big oil. Or if she was married to a guy who managed a Walmart, you would say that it’s an obvious link to China. What a silly argument.

  2. “special interest” in the oil business – are you nuts!!!! Her husband is a union worker – NOT an exec to have any sway with special interests one way or another. Obama talks about change but his VP pick certainly DOES NOT reflect that. McCain’s VP pick shows he isn’t afraid to put his actions where his mouth is. “pluck some young chickadee out of the wild”!!! You are nuts – MOST Pres and VP candidates are governors as she is. Are you saying it’s better to pick an old insider out of washington for a VP??? She certainly has done more in her short time as gov than Obama has in his short time in the Senate. Insult to women? Clinton had more votes than Obama and it was an insult not to pick her as the VP. Obama is the one to insult women. I now finally have a reason to vote for McCain.

  3. I would have bought into McCains sincerity if he had selected a woman who actually had the experience to do the job. Palin was approached to help win an election. Period.

    Women will see through this.

  4. Girl From Texas,

    You criticize McCan for selecting Palin to win an election and then talk about how unqualified she is to hold the office. How will selecting a woman without the experience to do the job help win the election? Everyone here sounds a little scared to me. Relax, take a deep breath, if you’re right then Obama will still be elected. But I don’t think the Palin critics think she’s unqualified at all. I think they fear her as a formidable opponent who will greatly improve the McCain ticket. Kinda makes you sick to your stomach to see a competent conservative woman candidate, doesn’t it? *Smile*

  5. I am not a democrat and I plan voting independently but I agree with you.
    Palin is not an advocate for the rights of women. She is certainly not an advocate for the rights of the disabled. Here is a gun toting, Hockey player, mom- that supports American citizen’s right to carry ammunition. Does she understand that 30,000 Americans are killed by accidents with handguns every year. I am sure that if her son (already disabled) was shot in a driveby shooting, she would be the first one to form an anti-gun handbill. She uses her son’s disability as a charismatic call to all christians to vote for her. She chose to keep her pregnancy despite her son having Down Syndrome. That doesn’t make her a hero, that makes her a normal mother.

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