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Is That Kid Hers or What?

Sunday was supposed to be my day of rest…

So I had no plans to post anything whatsoever with regards to Sarah Palin.

No really, I’m serious.

All I wanted to do, after running a few errands, was hop online and check out what’s up in the news and in the blogosphere.

Suddenly my plan to avoid writing all things Palin for the day when up in smoke.

I need to address this rumor swirling about Palin and her baby boy… and how some think he’s not her son afterall, but her grandson… born by Palin’s 16 year old daughter.


Come on, people. Grow up a little. Does McCain’s VP pick not give us enough legitimate concerns that we have to begin spreading rumors that are likely completely false?

Her views on women’s rights… or the environment… and how about her lack of experience on a national level, a la national security?

Cindy McCain was just on ABC Today, struggling to answer a very important question about Palin’s national security expertise- specifically, does she have any?

Mrs. McCain, clearly grasping at straws, replied that Palin has national security experience because… um…

Alaska is close to Russia.

Come on!

Now that’s something that really happened, not to mention the fact that McCain’s wife just echoed many of our own very real concerns.

Plus, it’s a topic we will all be faced with, should McCain win this election. 

Or how about Governor Palin’s own admission to the fact that she hasn’t given the Iraq War much thought at all… but wants us to believe she’s ready to be Commander in Chief if necessary?

My point is, this woman has plenty of real red flags, real things that should cause real concern.

There’s no need to make bold allegations, presenting various rumors as fact.

There are plenty of facts to talk about instead, so let’s stop with the juvenile games, shall we?

I’m not saying one way or another whether this woman gave birth to Trig-honestly, none of us have any way of knowing- but what I am saying is that none of you making this claim have any evidence to support your theories… and until you get some…

I suggest you pipe down.

This is the same tactic that was used so shamelessly against Obama… people touted his middle name as “proof” that he must be muslim, and made up countless other lies about the man- including the fact that he isn’t even a U.S. Citizen, or perhaps has ties to terrorism…

Lies that harmed his campaign- lies that many people still believe to be true, to this day, despite all the evidence showing otherwise.

Eventually, for most people, all of it was exposed for what it really is- absolute B.S.

When the final chapter was written, moving into the primaries, the result was that all the people who helped spread this nonsense ended up looking… well… desperate.

Have we learned nothing?


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