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Palin Drama: Bristol, Trig, and Sarah’s Bad Judgment

Here’s how I see it:

More important than the now debunked question of whether or not Sarah Palin is the biological mother of baby Trig is (and always has been) the question of the woman’s judgment… or… uh… extreme lack thereof.

Currently the Governor herself is countering rumors that Bristol is 4 month old Trig’s biological mother by claiming it isn’t possible because…

Her 17 year old daughter is currently 5 months pregnant.

This story just keeps getting better.

So you see, Bristol Palin cannot possibly be Trig’s mom, as she was already pregnant with this other baby when Trig was actually born.

I guess we’re getting a first-hand view of what happens when you let a staunch pro-lifer rule the world with the abstinence-only doctrine.

Worked real well with her own family, didn’t it?

McCain, for his part, claims he already knew about this… uh… gift from God… prior to asking Sarah to be his running mate.


Must have been real weird, being pregnant at age 17 at the same time your mom was pregnant as well…


Just sayin’.

Sigh… ok, so this may be the proof we bloggers were looking for… but really…

Is this any better?

Nope. Sure isn’t.

… But I digress…

Back to Palin’s judgment:

Now that it appears Governor Palin did give birth to her son, which is what I’ve always believed to be true… and let’s face it, why the heck would the woman claim today that her 17 year old kid is 5 months pregnant and keeping the child if…

She wasn’t?

Grandma Palin certainly has shown a blatant disregard for the life she so loudly claims to value.

According to published reports, Sarah Palin went into labor back in April while speaking in Texas, but chose to complete her speech in spite of the fact that her water had broke.

As if finishing that speech wasn’t selfish enough, this mother, this lover of all things living, then insisted on boarding an airplane… while in active labor… to fly the eight hours back to Alaska

So that little Trig could be born a real Alaskan native.

Yea… cuz that should have been her biggest concern.

These actions would have been extremely reckless for any woman, even in the most low-key of pregnancies…

There’s a reason most airlines don’t allow pregnant women to fly in their last trimester after all…

But that said actions were committed by Sara Palin, given her particular circumstance, is unconscionable.

Seriously, she should have been charged with child endangerment.

The woman’s pregnancy, simply by virtue of her age, was classified high-risk.

Beyond that, she was obviously fully aware that her child had Down Syndrome and therefore would likely be born pre-mature, with serious health problems.

Yet she chose to fly to Texas, knowing her baby could make his grand entrance at any moment…

Gave a speech while in active labor…

… And then flew back to Alaska after her water broke, all while leaking amniotic fluid.

The woman has lost her mind.

She was so caught up in fulfilling that “barracuda” prophecy, that tough-as-nails persona, she was willing to risk the very life of that oh-so-precious son of hers…

All to further that hard-ass image.


This is the kind of recklessness we respect?

For all that pro-life talk, she had absolutely no qualms about very seriously risking the life of her unborn child for…


While an admittedly extreme parallel, perhaps this is yet another example of my biggest beef among many of the move over zealous of pro-lifers:

They care oh-so-much about that fetus in-utero…

But strangely, don’t give a damn when it’s time for the kid to actually be born.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

3 thoughts on “Palin Drama: Bristol, Trig, and Sarah’s Bad Judgment

  1. “And then flew back to Alaska after her water broke, all while leaking amniotic fluid.”

    Whoa. The baby is really suseptabile to infection, etc. once the water breaks. That’s why if you go to the hospital prior to active labor, but AFTER your water breaks, they keep you there! The baby is at RISK of infection!

    I can’t even imagine the risks of breathing recycled airplane air for X hours from Texas to Alaska. (I mean Alaska, that’s like right next door to Russia – just ask Cindy McCain)

    If that story is true, this woman’s judgment is seriously suspect.

    Good post.

  2. The whole point of blogging is to give people your opinion or at least a different perspective. If all you do is copy and paste AFP news and CNN alike, there is no point blogging 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comment, Zoe…

    Not sure if you haven’t read many of my posts or what, but I’m pretty upfront when it comes to my personal opinion.

    What I strive to do, however, that may be a little different than some other bloggers, is base my opinions on fact…

    Therefore, I feel the need to site my sources. This way, there is very little chance of anyone coming back and questioning the integrity or truth in my posts.

    I hope to generate dialogue based on reality, not rumor and falsehood.

    In that regard, I disagree with your opinion that due to the fact that I choose to site my sources, there is no point in my blogging.

    I just won’t deal in B.S., that’s all.

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