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My Diva, Her Election and the Choice She Made

I was trying to explain the presidential election- along with the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats to my 10 year old Diva.

I explained that the way to choose which nominee to vote for is to decide for herself what issues are most important to her, and then select the candidate that most closely resembles her ideals.

We talked about the historic nature of this election- how no matter who wins, history will be made.

I told her how exciting it is that if McCain should win, this country will have its first female Vice President, going on to explain that should Obama win, we will have our first black President.

It is great to know that by casting my vote, I will become a part of our nation’s history…

I think that’s worth repeating:

By casting my vote, I will be an active part of my country’s history.

My Diva (like everyone else on the planet) knows I am voting for Barack Obama…

So remaining neutral while trying to explain the dynamics of the upcoming election was no easy task… but it was important that I not tell her who to support or why…

My child needs to know how to think independently… I am raising a diva after all… not a sheep.

We talked about some of the reasons people may choose to vote for McCain/Palin, as well as why folks may decide to vote for Obama/Biden.

I reminded her that there is no right answer or wrong answer… that as long as she’s involved… and making her decisions based on what is important to her

… She will always make the right choice.

She got on the computer for a while… saying she had some “research” to do… and then later…

The diva, complete genius that she is, informed me that she is voting for Obama.

Not one to allow anyone off the hook… even if she is the apple-of-my-eye… I asked her why- specifically-


“Because”, she says, “I did what you said- I thought about what’s important. Too many Americans and innocent Iraqis are dying every day. Nothing’s more important than that. We have to make it stop. I think Obama can help.”


She’s right.

Clearly my Diva is well on her way.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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