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Vetting, Pitt Bulls, and Sarah Palin

Well, thanks to fellow blogger-guy Mudflats, I’ve found something that can help us all become better acquainted with Sarah Palin.

This is an important discovery since the GOP is obviously convinced that Mrs. Palin is nothing other than a robot… unwilling to allow the woman to speak (let alone think) on her own… I figured we could all benefit from a resource that will tell us what she’s really all about…

Since she is clearly incapable of telling us herself.

The only time her new-found watchdogs (I didn’t say pit bulls because McCain and friends do not wear lipstick) allow her to so much as open her mouth in public is when it’s in the form of a scripted speech.

She takes no questions from the media, gives no interviews… and as yet, won’t even appear on any talk shows.

Meanwhile the GOP is feverishly giving the Governor a crash course on being a veep pick…

They’ll keep her under wraps until she aces the Republican-taught, “How to be a Slimy Politician 101″…

Unfortunately, this leaves the rest of us having to dig pretty deep if we want any actual info about Palin-the-Pit.

So, what is this thing, you ask?

It is the 60-some-odd page result of her vetting … a process the Alaskan Democrats put her through in 2006 when she was running for Governor…

A process the Republican Party didn’t feel was necessary this year, prior to selecting her for their veep candidate.

I’d heard rumblings about the existence of this document from the day Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate… I just couldn’t find it.

I believe the GOP Nazis tried to have it destroyed.

(Cue Evil Spy Movie music)

Anyway, stepping away from the conspiracy theories, and back to reality, these papers have a lot of information in them, and can be a bit overwhelming if you try to read it page-by-page.

So to borrow some good advice from Mudflats himself- wait- herself-

Uh… Crap, I don’t know if Mudflats is a man or a woman-

Go to page 2 of the document…

That’s where the table of contents is located, and from there you can kind of puruse at your leisure, touching on whatever sparks your interest at the moment.


Sarah Palin 2006 Vetting Documents


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

3 thoughts on “Vetting, Pitt Bulls, and Sarah Palin

  1. Great analysis. Thanks!

    I like Sarah Palin. She is sincere and full of energy. But she is woefully misinformed.

    No sex education! Whoops! Teenager has a baby!
    Shouldn’t that be a clue?
    Brother-in-law is harassing her sister. Palin pulls strings to get him fired. Is that going too far?
    Doesn’t like some of the books in the local library. She asks the librarian if she would mind removing certain books. The librarian indicates she will not tolerate censorship. Palin gets her fired.

    The common thread here is the self-appointed assumption that what I (Palin) decide is better for you than what you decide. Ohh, that smacks of totalitarianism! Too bad it hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and won’t work in the future. Most amazing of all (and tragic) is that some people don’t like to think for themselves. They are mentally lazy, and oh-so willing to let others make these crucial decisions for them. You could see hoards of these mindless drones waving flags and cheering her at the Republican Convention.

    Reminds of the Stockholm syndrome. The captives after a while begin to idolize their kidnappers. “I’m going to restrict what you can say and do, but trust me, this will be good for you!” Yeah! Pit-bull with lipstick!
    (And the crowd goes wild!)

  2. In this case I have to politely disagree with both the comments and your posting, ChaZe. From what I can see, a pretty woman who is also very bright is a big threat to extreme feminists and many Socialists.
    Yes, like all Politicians, Gov. Palin has what you could call skeletons in the closet.
    But as for some sort of perception of a double standard? Hmmm
    I hold that humans are not perfect. We have to deal with and also mature inspite of our flaws. If her daughter had prematrial relations that will bring a new child to this world, well the father did the right thing and has chosen to marry instead of run from his responsibilities. It that a bad thing? Is it horrible to have a child grow up with the parents trying to do the right things from the get-go?

    Then again, why are we seeing so many people attack her daughter? I don’t understand. So many applaud Madonna – who is very much in the limelight and you can not argue not the best role model for young ladies…

    Just thought I would provide my two cents here.

  3. Hey Unc-
    First of all, a pretty young woman who is bright is no threat to me, or any other feminist I know… I don’t object to Sarah Palin’s age or her looks. I object to her zero experience and shady background. I object to her pro-life stance. I object to her shoving her choice to keep her down syndrome son down all our throats, while working tirelessly to take that very right to choose she excercised for herself, from other women everywhere. I object to her firing her town’s librarian while mayor because said librarian refused to ban books. I object to her inability to speak to any member of the press unless she has a pre-approved, pre-written speech prepared. Certainly, none of those things have a bit to do with her looks or her age.

    Moving on…

    I was one of those daughters who had premarital sex and brought a child into this world… her father also chose to stick around and “do the right thing” by marrying me…

    Let me just say… 8 years of marriage and 4 felonies committed against me later… we’re divorced.

    Never should have gotten married to be begin with… we made an already challenging situation even more challenging by tying the knot… again, to “do the right thing”.

    “Right”, in some cases, truly is in the eye of the beholder.

    I would venture to say that we as total strangers of the Palins have absolutely no way of knowing what the “right” answer for any of them is, at least not where this child and her subsequent marriage (at 17!!) is concerned.

    As you’re aware, marriage is no simple undertaking… and to take a vow “til death do us part” at such a young age doesn’t seem “right” to me at all. Bristol’s boyfriend can be a great father to this child- even if they aren’t married. Other fathers do it every single day.

    As for the attacks you are witnessing on Palin’s daughter, you aren’t seeing any of them on this site. I’ve yet to hear about someone presonally attacking Bristol Palin… The “attacks” I see are actually very important, relevant questions, geared not toward Bristol, but towards her mother.

    Considering the fact that Sarah Palin is running on the morality ticket- touting her choices and beliefs as the only right way to conduct oneself… all the while ignoring the irony that exists when one forces abstinence-only teaching down people’s throats while one’s teenaged daughter is pregnant- out of wedlock…

    She has some explaining to do. And rightly so. I, for one, am not about to endorse a particular method of teaching that has been proven ineffective in the woman’s own household.

    If it didn’t work for her daughter, what makes her think it will work for mine? Or yours, for that matter?

    As for the connection you’re attempting to make between Bristol Palin and Madonna… you lost me. Madonna was never a teenaged mother… nor did Madonna ever teach morals or try to act as if her personal behavior was above reproach. Sure, she acted in a shocking manner, but she never claimed it to be “righteous”.

    Merely because Madonna is not a great role model for ladies does not automatically make Sarah Palin (or her daughter Bristol) a good role model themselves. In my mind, it just doesn’t work that way.

    Regardless of the fact that we don’t see eye to eye, I appreciate your views and thank you for weighing in.

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