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Balls of Steel, Pet-Spending and Corny Puns

It takes some big balls to accuse your opponent of doing the exact same thing you yourself have done…

Especially when in your own case you’ve done it 10 times worse.

Today John McCain and Sarah Palin jointly criticized Barack Obama for the amount of money- yes, earmarks- he has asked for in his home state of Illinois.

What they apparently forgot about was the simple fact that Sarah Palin asked Washington for more than 10 times that amount for Alaska.

So… with that in mind… which is McCain/Palin?

The pot…

… Or the kettle?

And yeah, they’re both calling Obama black…

Which he is… but…


I find this interesting, considering Obama asked for an amount that comes to about $25 for each one of Illinois’ residents last year.


Well… she asked for…

An amount that would equal $295, during the same timeframe, for each resident of Alaska.


Now I’m no math major…


She asked for a whole heck of a lot more, now didn’t she?

Yet she’s talking smack about Obama’s request for earmarks?

Cuz that makes all kinds of sense…


Shoot… well… I guess not.

It’s also interesting to realize that Alaska, in spite of Sarah-Palin-the-Pit-bull’s leadership, is still the number one spender of federal earmark dollars…

… By far.

Appropriate, given Ms. Palin’s penchant for pets- by way of pitbulls- that her own state leads the nation in…



No pun intended.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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