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Hypocrisy and Idiocracy… Err… Democracy

As frustrating as hypocrisy can be, I can’t complain too terribly much, as it gives me stuff to write about.

So, without further ado…

… I’ll just jump right in.

John McCain’s campaign is lashing out at Obama, calling him sexist because of a comment he made during a recent speech.

Specifically, Obama stated that you can “put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”, while explaining to the crowd that McCain doesn’t represent the change he wants people to believe he represents.

Basically, you can put it in a pretty package, wrap it with a bow, call it whatever you want… but if it ain’t change, it’s…


Still the same.

Obviously the lipstick reference came in response to Sarah Palin’s the-only-difference-between-hockey-moms-and-pit-bulls-is-lipstick comment from her now notorious speech at the RNC.

McCain, of course- spin doctor that he is- has jumped all over Obama, saying that his pig comment was sexist.


No it wasn’t.

It was funny- but it wasn’t sexist.

I wonder if this means that when McCain used almost the exact same “pig” analogy a few months ago, in reference to Hillary Clinton, he was being sexist too.

I’d say so…

What I can’t say is that I’m surprised by any of this.

McCain and Palin have cornered the market on accusing Obama of doing things they themselves have done- and often, have done even worse… like with the earmarks thing.

This, my friends, is yet another example of idiocracy… err… democracy- at its finest.



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8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and Idiocracy… Err… Democracy

  1. Great post. Thanks.

    You have to wonder how stupid they think we are.

    They find Clarence Thomas, the only black man in America who hates civil rights and make him a Supreme Court justice.
    They invent death from the sky and call it a Patriot Missile.
    They rape the environment and call it the “Healthy Forests Initiative”
    They spy on Americans and call it the “Patriot Act.”

    Now they put up Bush in bra and call it “change!”
    Give me a break!

  2. Chuck Norris is a racist that’s all I can say. I will never watch anything he is in again. He doesn’t want Obama to win because he (Norris) is rich.

  3. thank everyone for your comments. it is true…lipstick on a pig…is still a pig! I think Obama is taking this pretty well. It has to be hard to have to attend to nonsense when you have way more important issues at hand. McCain/Palin taking hold of the Whitehouse would really pierce my heart about the American people!, however, i know that this is a new time in american politics when everyone in the whole world have the access to the technology that is at hand where the people will have the information to make the right choice.

  4. Obama accuses McCain/Palin of attacking his record … what record? Obama is an empty suit who hasn’t done anything. That’s why instead of running on his record, he has to run a campaign based upon attacking McCain/Palin. Obama’s tactic has always been ‘the best defense is a good offense’. For example, Obama will make the pig/lipstick smear, just days after Palin scores points with the ‘pitbull/lipstick statement … then he disingenuously acts as if there’s no connection. He did it again with Palin’s community organizer is similar to a mayor, but with out the responsibility … which everyone knows was Palin’s response to Obama demeaning her experience as a small town mayor. There’s nothing wrong with being a community organizer, but being a community organizer is certainly not credentials for becoming President of the United States! Obama has done this numerous times. The changes Obama wants would dramatically weaken this country, in terms of our economy and our national defense.

  5. Hi Gina…

    Sigh… where to start?

    First, I don’t understand how part-time mayor of Alaska and Governor for less than 2 years counts as a “record” myself… so if Obama’s “record” as Harvard Law School Grad, president of Harvard’s Law Review, Constitutional Lawyer, Community Organizer, experience in the state legislature as well as congressman for Illinois doesn’t count, than Palin’s certainly shouldn’t…

    And, well, doesn’t- not only in my mind, but in the minds of millions of others as well.

    Actually, during McCain’s fight to win the presidential nomination for the Republican Party, the fact that Mitt Romney’s and Rudy Giuliani’s only “experience” was as a governor of Massachusetts and mayor of New York City was enough to make McCain state- more than once- that they lacked the experience necessary to run this country.


    Perhaps that’s because they don’t have pretty boobies for him to stare at like Sarah Palin does.

    Hmm… let’s think about this… Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, a state with a population of over 6 million residents, for… what… five years?

    Giuliani, in contrast, was the mayor of a city for 7 years… a city with a population of over 8 million people…

    Sarah Palin was a part-time mayor of a town of less than 7,000 (and had to hire someone to help her handle all the responsibility of that gig), and then went on to be governor… for 18 months… of a state with around 600,000 residents.

    In her short time in office, she’s already managed to be investigated for abuse of power… among other things.

    As for the pig/lipstick smear… why’s that a smear again?

    I mean if the fact that Obama said it about a woman constitutes it as a smear, than why didn’t it constitute a smear back when McCain said it FIRST with regards to Hillary Clinton months ago? If you have a problem with Obama saying it, at least don’t be a hypocrite… and make sure you have a problem with McCain saying it as well.

    Oh- and one of McCain’s top advisors wrote a book not too long ago called… “Lipstick on a Pig: Winning in the No Spin Era”.

    How ya like that?

    So… uh… who’s the one smearing the most lipstick again?

    Right- that would be YOUR candidate.

    And yes, Obama did say something to the effect of “community organizer is similar to a mayor… only with responsibility”… but uh… that’s cuz of the swipe Palin made at him FIRST, during her speech at the RNC.

    So… uh… she’s supposed to be allowed to dish it out, but not take it? She’s a big bad pitbull when she wants to run her mouth, but a sweet little victim of sexism when it’s given right back to her?

    Poor thing. I had no idea she was so fragile… you know… since she wears lipstick and all.

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