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Kindergartners, Sex-Ed and the Dirty Old Man


What, specifically, is it about Barack Obama that brings out the raging lunatic liar in people?

No seriously- I really am curious about this.

Apparently it wasn’t enough to lie about his being a Muslim… or about his having ties to terrorism… or about his U.S. Citizenship (though I gotta say- if Obama ain’t a citizen, in spite of being born in the U.S., then McCain definitely isn’t one… I mean if we aren’t counting a man who was born in Hawaii as a citizen then… uh… well… wasn’t McCain born in Panama or some shit?)…

… But whatever. I digress.

Now, apparently, since the other crap didn’t work, we have to lie about his stance on kindergartners and… uh…

Sex Ed.

Lord have mercy.

According to McCain’s most recent slanderous campaign ad, Barack Obama would have our little five year olds learn about sex before they learn to read.


I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

So what’s the real story?

Well, I can tell you it isn’t nearly as exciting as what McCain and his puppy dogs pit bulls managed to cook up.

Here’s the area of the bill that McCain is pouncing on:

“Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV.”

This somehow translates to, “hey everybody, let’s teach our kindergartners sex ed before they can even read!”?

I guess if you’re hell-bent on putting a spin on every single thing Obama touches, you could take that quote and do some nutty stuff with it.

Clearly- as we’ve already seen.

I, however, prefer to deal in reality, and as such, feel the need to point out that the bill’s sole purpose is to add education on the prevention of spreading and contracting STDs in addition to sex-ed programs that are already in place, per current Illinois standards.

What this means, in Lehman’s terms is that whatever grade levels sexual education is currently being taught, those are the grade levels this new bill applies to.

Not kindergartners.

If sex-ed wasn’t being taught to kindergartners before the bill was passed, it won’t be taught now.

It’s that simple.

Further, this legislation is a good thing- not a bad thing- especially considering most kids entering college already have years of first-hand sexual experience… and…

15 million kids will contract an STD this year… one in four already have one… and 85% of them don’t even know it.

Yet so many people want to stand behind McCain, put their little blinders on, pretend it won’t happen to their kids, and bash the shit out of Obama for his willingness to…

Confront an epidemic head on.

I guess I just don’t understand… but, moving on…

Back to kindergartners, and what this bill actually has to do with them:

What it will teach kindergartners is the difference between good touch and bad touch… and how important it is for children to tell a trusted adult if someone is touching them inappropriately.

Or in other words, the bill is geared to help keep kids- all kids- safe from predators.

Obviously this is a concept that dear ol’ Mr. McCain is opposed to.

Think he ever caught anything while dating that stripper?


The dirty old man has spoken.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

5 thoughts on “Kindergartners, Sex-Ed and the Dirty Old Man

  1. I applaud you on telling the truth. Most of those people backing McCain are disillusioned, brain washed, misguided, and naive to what is really going on. They are thriving on the slander talk and falling right into things. They seem to believe anything that is presented before them for whatever reason they have to have disdain for Obama. The latest sound bite from yesterday is proof of that. They are blindly joining the McCain ride for the simple purpose of Palin being a woman.

    The fuckery is high with in McCain’s camp.

  2. I keep saying that the MCain campaign can’t sink any lower, but they have. Part of the measure on sex ed was to teach young children about “proper touching” to help protect them against pedophiles. The idea that McCain used this and twisted it to suit their purposes is inhuman. I am so angry on behalf of abused children in this country. His campaign people have no soul.

  3. Hey there Kerri-


    I agree- the McCain campaign has definitely sunk to new lows.

    Next week I expect to see a McCain ad featuring Barack Obama as a monkey.

    Stay tuned…

  4. Hear ye, Hear ye… I am getting on my soapbox because I work with a bunch of McSheep and I am tired of hearing them sing priases about McCain/Palin and how abstinence only sex ed is the right thing to teach because “the Lord says you are not to have sex until you are married”. Quite frankly, I am not sure how I have managed to keep my mouth shut this long.

    According to NPR’s website:
    “Most states leave the scope of sex education up to the local school boards. That’s also true in Alaska, where there is no requirement that the subject be taught. Alaska’s largest school district, Anchorage, emphasizes abstinence, with a program called “Abstinence Plus.” ”

    Here is the full article link:

    So, let me just think out loud about this…
    1. Palin’s own state is currently using this OPTIONAL abstinence-only agenda. (it is OPTIONAL to even TEACH it.)
    2. Palin’s 17 year old daughter is knocked up.

    Frankly, I don’t think that I need any more proof that abstinence-only education DOESN’T work.

    Seriously people, are people that dumb to not see the hypocrisy in this???

    And while I am on my soapbox…
    The girl is “choosing to keep” the baby and marrying the father. really? #1, We all know that Sarah wouldn’t have LET her daughter get an abortion even if the girl wanted to. #2, Palin better be glad that her daughter has the CHOICE to keep it. Most 17 year olds in that situation are not lucky enough to even HAVE family around to help them. #3, yes, the teens should get married because teen marriages have a such a really high rate of success… (yes, this is my own version of “dripping with sarcasm”)

    I now present the new slogan for the McCain/Palin campaign …

    “Hypocrites, we stand.”

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