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Making a New House a Home

Forgive me if this post sounds a bit dilusional… I am currently so tired that I feel as if I’m halfway comatose.

I have finally moved.

Leaving my townhouse, I have downsized to a smaller apartment- my other place was just a little too big- and I had terrible issues with my landlord… not to mention the 4 large beasts dogs that lived in my building, spreading joy by way of dog poop everywhere (which unfortunately attracts nasty creatures like flies)… and keeping me up with their incessant barking and howling all hours of the day and night.

Any of the 4 animals were plenty large to eat my littlest daughter- known as Mini-Me- in a single bite… even The Diva would likely have been nothing more than a mid-afternoon snack, had they ever gotten their enormous jaws on her.

I began packing feverishly about 10 days ago…

Getting up early, packing for an hour or so before going to work… working all day… coming home again to pack until midnight or later… and waking the following morning to start all over again.

Yesterday was moving day, and let me just say that I couldn’t have done anything close to pulling this off had it not been for the much needed assistance of my brother- the Hippie Andino and my friend J-Man.

Lifesavers, I tell ya.

Both have probably seen more of me this weekend… hot, sweaty (definitely not in a good way- eww- not that there is such a thing as “good way” when one is referring to one’s brother) and nasty… than they ever hoped to.

Both kept pushing when I had more than run out of steam, and therefore, the two of them really are the only reason I got everything done in roughly a day-and-a-half.

In fact, the only reason my old place is not currently trashed- and was cleaned up properly so as not to anger the landlord- is because of J-Man.

When one shows up again after having already helped you move the previous day, rest assured, that right there is a true friend.

This guy helped me clean dust-bunnies the size of lions, and never batted an eye.

I was tired enough from moving all my stuff to the new place yesterday that I was contemplating simply leaving my townhouse as-is… I didn’t care if it was a complete disaster area.

Hell, not like I have to live in it anymore, right?

Regardless, we got it all done…

Here’s to family, friends, and making a new house apartment a home.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

2 thoughts on “Making a New House a Home

  1. Good Luck in your new home and understanding the importance of sincere friendship.

    I only recently moved to a new home too!!!

  2. Hello islephilosopher…

    Thanks for weighin’ in!

    I have learned to appreciate a lot lately… not the least of which is the fact that I have now spent 2 nights in my new place… and have yet to hear a peep from my neighbors… nor a single dog bark.

    Praise the Lord.

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