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Implosion, Spontaneous Combustion and John McCain

This man is about to implode…

Spontaneously combust…


Now McCain wants to postpone the VP Debates in addition to the Presidential Debates.

He’s lost his ever-loving mind.

That’s what this “I need to suspend my campaign to put country first” bullshit was all about…

As noted in yesterday’s post, this man couldn’t care less about the economy.

Something else entirely was going on.

He needed an excuse to avoid getting killed by Obama in the presidential debates on Friday… and more importantly needed a way to get Palin out of having to debate Biden.

We all knew he would have chewed her lipstick wearin’ ass up and spit her right back out again.

Are people actually falling for this?

I wonder if there are millions of people sitting there, coffee in hand, as I’m typing this, thinking, “Aww… that John McCain! What a sweetheart, postponing something so damn important to this very election- which is in 40 days by the way- I think I’ll vote for him!”

Lord help me.

I certainly hope people are not actually falling for this ridiculously obvious and transparent ploy.

He can’t get his campaign or his party under control… the majority of Americans are blaming the GOP for this economic mess we’re finding ourselves in… blaming the GOP for the bailout…

His own so-called supporters aren’t doing the best job supporting him or his running mate either…

Hell, Laura Bush told the press yesterday that Sarah Palin didn’t have enough foreign policy experience… but no worries… she’s a quick learner.

Oh Ok.

Well in that case…


McCain, for his part, says he’s trying to rescue the economy right now, not the campaign.

Well, he needs to rescue both.

Or try to anyway.

This girl can’t help but giggle.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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