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Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin- Cafferty Gets It- Do You?

Jack Cafferty said it best when discussing Sarah Palin’s potential Vice-Presidency following her horrific, cringe-inducing interview with Katie Couric.

If John McCain wins this woman will be one 72-year-old’s heartbeat away from being President of the United States. And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should.

Here, here Jack.

I’d just like to add, should McCain win, not only will Sarah Palin be one 72-year-old’s heartbeat away from the presidency… that’s bad enough… but she will be one 72-year-old-four-time-cancer-survivor’s heartbeat away from the presidency.

That’s even worse.

Cafferty, like a lot of us, understands how disasterous and irresponsible McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as VP is, if the GOP actually wins this election.

Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate was one the most blatant acts of disregard for this nation- by a politician- that I, personally, have ever seen.

After watching this clip, can you figure out what the hell this women is talking about?

Cuz I sure couldn’t.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

16 thoughts on “Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin- Cafferty Gets It- Do You?

  1. Cafferty failed to show any of the responses Sarah Palin made that were lucid and intelligent. He only chose one response out of the many and zeroed in on the worst one.

    True liberal media machine b/s.

  2. Umm… are you actually attempting to argue the point that we shouldn’t hold Palin accountable for the ridiculous, idiotic statements she made during her interview because there were other times when she sounded somewhat lucid?


    Look- She may be able to hold her own while discussing moose-burgers, shootin’ skeet and seceding from the Union- and may be able to do so with some intelligence- but that doesn’t mean shit to me- and shouldn’t mean anything to you either… the woman can’t even put 2 coherent thoughts together when answering questions about the economy and national security.

    If that’s all ya got, Bryan, then you really are desperately reaching.

    Besides- if you’re of the opinion that this is merely one example of Palin looking like a complete fool while speaking with the media, then…


    I fear you may be too lost to bother trying to save…

  3. Thank you Coco McBean.

    The more people defend this cringe-inducing crap that Palin insists on continuing to spew…

    The more I actually begin to think I live in the twilight zone!

  4. This report is pathetic—the question set Palin up for failure. It was long, intricate and biased. Couric basically addressed all of Obama’s talking points, supported them, and then asked Palin to explain economics. For those of you that thought the answer was confusing, go listen to it again and be more open-minded. TRY to understand it. Then maybe get out an economics book and read about how the economy works. You’ll find that if the financial sectors don’t work, people lose money and when people lose money, lots of people lose their jobs. THis is called JOB LOSS— and it’ll happen to the middle class. Palin is addressing the fact that we cannot allow the financial sector to crumble, and if we do, it will harm the middle class—thus the bailout plan HELPS them. It doesn’t give them money DIRECTLY for health care and gas, but it ensures their jobs. And that’s a lot more meaningful in the long run.

    I agree with Bryan, this is liberal media BS playing off of the biases, emotions, lack of education and misinformation of the general public.

  5. Ok Megan.

    I don’t think anyone is debating the fact that the economy is broken- or that when people lose money- especially corrupt people who run big big corporations, lots of people lose their jobs.

    None of that has a single thing to do with the fact that this woman is terrifying in her ignorance.

    As for this “Obama’s talking points” nonsense, are we only to expect the poor fragile woman to be able to hold her own when confronted with the words of those who actually agree with her?

    Not that she’d know the difference… Katie Couric could have spouted McCain’s own doctrine right into Palin’s face… and she’d still be just as clueless…

    Kind of like she was with that whole Bush Doctrine thing.

    See? Even when confronted with the legacy of her own party, she’s still dumber than a box of rocks.

    You cannot manufacture intelligence.

    We’re watching McCain do his best to hurry up and shove some brains down this woman’s gullet…

    And he’s failing miserably.

    Is this the argument you’ll use during the VP debate, when Joe Biden chews this woman up and spits her right back out again? That the debates were unfair because she had to respond to Biden’s point of view, rather than merely responding to her sugar-daddy McCain’s?

    What a jacked up excuse for absolute, complete and total ignorance.

    The woman doesn’t make any sense when she talks, because she has no idea what she’s talking about.


    While definitely representative of that fact, this clip is certainly not the first time the woman vomited all over herself while speaking to the media… and it obviously won’t be the last.

    She’s an idiot.

    It’s ok- you can admit it- and will be no less American for doing so.


    Are you people serious?!?!

  6. Great we can all agree SHE”S an idiot. Now what about all the wonderful, helpful, encouraging enlightened people who voted for George Bush TWICE! I believe his motto was increase military spending and reduce gun control. Yippee for the chauvanists!/ A misogynist society that alienates all women. Bash away ladies, but don’t look back when you hit the glass.

  7. There’s something we’re missing. There is no way an english-speaking person could think that Palin made sense. I think that we (liberals) underestimate the power of religion in politics. People that share right-wing religious views will defend their candidates no matter what. Even if the candidate is inarticulate, dumb and ignorant. And the Republican party knows this. They use it as a strategy to gain control of the country and keep their friends rich and powerful. You cannot win an argument with somebody who isn’t thinking logically and believes that a god selected a certain person to lead a nation. We should stop fighting these right wing crazies and try to gain the undecided voters by convincing and explaining why the Democrats are the party to vote for.

  8. p.s. I live in Canada and have universal health care. McPalin try to convince you that health care decisions should be made by you and your doctor and ahould have no government involvement. Is our health care perfect? No. But I NEVER have to answer to an insurance company about my visits to a doctor or any type of operation etc. Private health care puts money in insurance companies’ pockets and strips you of a right to health care as a member of the richest country in the world. Universal health care is reason enough to vote Obama.

  9. Before everyone starts waving the flag of Universal Health Care…please read this long yet insightful article. Universal Healthcare is not the way to go. On paper, it sounds fantastic, just like peace on earth and no starvation and a cure for AIDS for a perfect happy world. But sometimes the things that sound good, might not always have the benefits people think.

  10. I love comments like Katie’s…

    I get the opportunity to see just how desperate the GOP really is becoming.

    Katie hun, you know damn good and well that Obama knows how many states are in the U.S. What you witnessed with his “57 states” error was merely a slip of tongue.

    Sarah Palin continues to spew the exact same idiotic shit time after time after time.

    The woman has given, what, 3 interviews total so far? In each of them she has managed to look completely ignorant, unprepared and… well…


    It is not a fluke. She cannot get it right- or hell, I’d settle for her making sense, even if I can’t agree with what she’s saying- unless she has a pre-written speech that she can read from a teleprompter.

    She doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy- otherwise she’d know how ridiculous she sounds repeating that Russia nonsense over and over again- and realize it doesn’t count.

    She doesn’t have a clue about the economy- her response to Katie Couric was plenty cringe-inducing proof of that.

    She doesn’t have a clue what her own party stands for- her answers on questions regarding current events more than prove that… and she’s clueless about what her party has stood for over the past 8 years- as evidenced by her ignorance of the Bush Doctrine and what it means.

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