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Premature Ejaculation, African Negroes and John McCain

The verdict is in, and Barack Obama has won last night’s Presidential Debate.

It was a good solid debate… though not horribly exciting.

Neither side delivered that knock-out blow I think a lot of us were hoping for, but I also think we all got to see what we’ve been craving for a long time- a little unscripted action from these two guys.

I find it insteresting that John McCain managed to avoid using the term “middle class” even once the entire evening… a shame, considering they spent a significant amount of time discussing the economy… and, well, let’s face it- we middle classers are getting pinched pretty tight.

Makes a girl want to pause for a moment and wonder if the man even cares about We The Little People.


Oh wait- this is McCain we’re talking about.

Of course he doesn’t care about Us.

Unfortunately, Obama, in his never ending quest to take his oponents off the defensive… along with the fact that he, unlike McCain, actually has some manners and a lot of grace… told McCain he agreed with what he was saying way too many times.

That shit turned me off, and I’m going to need him to stop with the “I agree with my opponent” nonsense in the future.

For all of Obama’s grace, McCain was a complete and total asshole.

Seriously- when one is getting his ass handed to him, as McCain was at various points, it is completely inappropriate to smirk.

While Barack Obama was – correctly- hammering the point that McSame voted with Bush 90% of the time over the past 8 years- including all things Iraq, Johnny boy was actually smirking.

Due to all that damn- unearned- smugness, I got the message loud and clear that McCain is an arrogant son-of-a-bitch who really believes the American people are too stupid to see the truth in what Obama is saying.

He was obviously thinking to himself, “Hey- I’m an old white guy with yellow teeth. Clearly America will believe me more than they believe this African negro”.


Regardless, I’m glad many people were able to see that Obama’s the guy with a firm grasp on reality… McCain’s octegenarian ass simply doesn’t have a clue.

McCain did better last night than I thought he would…

Nonetheless, Obama handed him a sound ass-whuppin’.

Guess McCain is going to have to take that premature “McCain Wins Debate!” ejaculation declaration down.



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2 thoughts on “Premature Ejaculation, African Negroes and John McCain

  1. I WAS going to write what YOU wrote regarding last night’s “debate,” McCains SMIRK, all the while the wheels in his pea sized brain saying “I have this nig–; on the ropes!

    I am 75 years old, a Former Gunnery Sergeant, USMC,
    I do NOT feel this old fa– has Obama anywhere but ON HIS BEST, RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR. Isn’t often ANYONE, color aside, waaay aside, treats us Old Folks with anything even approaching RESPECT, as Obama did with “old man” mcCain..

    By the way, I hace a full College Education. I am on the way out, FORGIVE the spelling errors??

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