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Bailouts, Pigs, Fat Cats and the Economy

It’s official.

The bumbling b.s. bailout of the century has passed, and George Bush has signed it into law.

Members of Congress have been saying for two weeks now that the passage of this thing was imperative to saving our economy… yet they were unable to get sufficient support for it until they loaded the damn thing up with so much pork that it is practically unrecognizable.

Not to mention the fact that in its final form, it is now even more costly for us, the little guys, who are footing the bill for this sucker.

Oink Oink.

What pisses me off the most at this point- other than the fact that this nonsense became necessary to begin with- are the reactions of the politicians involved in shoving this massive pile of pig shit through.

 All of ’em.

Democrats, Republicans, the Secretary of Treasury, the President…

Every last damn one of them.

How dare they take all of this money from our pitifully meager pockets- during our own time of need- when we can least afford to spare the change and drop it into these Wall Street Fat Cats’ laps- those who least deserve access to it…

… And then stand out on the damn lawn patting themselves on their backs, acting like this was a job well done?

Oh- and that instantaneous bounce Wall Street expected in response to the bill’s passing?

Didn’t fuckin’ happen.

As news of the bailout spread, the Dow plunged… down a total of 3.22% at close.



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