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Starbucks Coffee, Sarah Palin and Her Special Place in Hell

Sarah Palin believes there’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.

Well, if that’s the case, her own seat down there is likely reserved front and center…

The context for her most recent round of projectile vomit comes as Governor Palin was speaking at a rally in California.

She says she was drinking Starbucks coffee, and noticed the quote of the day on the mug… it was from Madeleine Albright, “There is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women”.


Besides the fact that Governor Palin couldn’t manage to accurately quote the coffee cup in question, I find it more than a little ironic that this particular quote is the one she’s sinking her teeth into.

Sarah Palin may want to stay away from the “women should support women” argument, considering she stands among our enemies when it comes to women and our rights (or lack thereof, should she get her way).

The actual quote reads:

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the U.N.

Clearly, Madeleine Albright was not suggesting women should vote all willy-nilly for a fellow woman- such as Palin- especially when said woman is an absolute complete and total idiot.

Madeleine Albright does not support Sarah Palin… not even a little bit… 

… And personally, I actually think it was women like Governor Palin that Albright was speaking of when she made the statement to begin with.

Certainly Sarah Palin has been less than helpful when it comes to women.

She is anything but an advocate of women’s rights- especially women’s reproductive rights. 

Not only is the woman against the notion of other women having the right and the freedom to take responsibility for their own reproductive choices, she required rape victims- fellow women in need- to pay for their own rape exams while Mayor of Wasilla.


Not what I would consider helpful or supportive.

Why then, does she deserve our support when she is so adamantly against supporting us?

To state the obvious…

She doesn’t.

So hey, if we women are going to hell for not supporting her…

Then I guess we’ll all see her down there with us.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

9 thoughts on “Starbucks Coffee, Sarah Palin and Her Special Place in Hell

  1. Personally, I don’t even believe in hell… so in my mind, none of us have a place reserved there.

    Beyond that, I never said she was going to hell… I said if we are going to hell for not supporting her (her words, not mine), than we’ll all see her there as well… because she doesn’t support us either.

    I wasn’t speculating personally as to whether I believe she’s going to hell or not… but she quoted (err… attempted to quote) Albright for a reason.

    There’s also a reason for the “Drippin’ with Sarcasm” disclaimer on my blog…

    Try not to be so literal.

    Thanks for weighin’ in.

  2. Anyone who’s been to Starbucks, knows quote #287, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” first appeared on it’s coffee cups during Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency, about a year ago. It’s old news. I thought the message was rather clear: vote for Hillary, or suffer eternal damnation. And, if Starbuck’s makes it public, as was its obvious intent, it’s fair game. But speaking of old news, did you know Madeleine K. Albright probably doesn’t believe in hell? According to my own sketchy knowledge of theology, hell is a tenet of the Christian religion. So, according to Ms. Albright only Christian women who failed to vote for Hillary will be thrown into the pit. Ms. Albright is a converted Episcopalian. But believe you me, even though the Episcopal Church is a Christian denomination, no Episcopalian believes that he or she will be consigned to that place where the wicked are punished after death for exercising the right to vote:

  3. Old news, huh?

    Seems pretty current to me, considering Palin used the line today while rallying in California.

    If she’s going to use “old news” in her current speeches, I get to knock the shit out of her over said “old news”.

    Personally, I don’t give a hoot what Madeleine Albright meant when she said the quote…

    My post is about what Sarah Palin meant in her lame attempt to regurgitate it.

    Try to stay focused.

  4. Liberal women appear to be veritable hippocrites. If women are conservative – they are not ‘women.’ The former treat them as the enemy simply because they don’t have the same liberal beliefs. Palin was paraphrasing not parrot phraseing. For crying out loud Mad. Albright — your defense is that Palin did’t get all the words right! The content reads virtualy the same to hoards of us men and conservative women I know. You liberal women dispise conservative thinking women. You don’t see they have any right to think other than you. So you attack the person not her ideas or value to a movement that dffers from yours. Very shallow indeed. Your “movement” has finally shown it’s true color –and it is not fluffy pink.

  5. First of all, at what point did I state that Palin is not a woman? Second, what movement are you even talking about?

    In my post, I simply made mention of the fact that she butchered Albright’s quote… it certainly wasn’t the main point of the post.

    The main point is that Sarah Palin has decided that any woman that doesn’t support her is simply bad, or wrong…

    And yet she gives women who value their own personal freedoms- freedoms that were fought for long and hard- absolutely no reason to support her.

    She wants to take the freedoms and rights that women- millions and millions of them- have fought for generations for- away from us.

    No thank you.

    I find it very sad, and quite disgusting, actually- that you attempt to paint me as some radical feminist nut, simply because I am not willing to lay down and roll over the second a fellow woman steps on the scene.

    Palin shoves the choices she has made for herself down everyone else’s throats- her reproductive choices, etc- and wants to take those very rights that she so publicly excercised away from American women everywhere.

    She is the radical nut job.

    Not me.

  6. You use semanticcs..’Not a woman ‘– – as in real feminists are women, not concervative ones ..??
    ‘What movement’ the feminist one – where are you dah. or is it over?
    ‘Butchered Albright’s statement’. substituted the word support for the word help — they mean vertually the same– butchered, no— dah
    ‘Palin has decided that any woman that don’t support her are bad’ Albright suggested that — and you suggest that – even liberal women are now backing palin on the stump. Palin only sited what appeared on a coffee cup. — and albright said it… Liberal’s play on the fringes and play with individual word s– big deal one word?? dah
    The only reason that vocal feminist women can’t find anytyhing where palin supports ‘women’ is because they DON’T look. She does not and has not taken anything from you…– your percetion – with the buy in on disinformation.. -indeed I see where there’s info out there that strongly indicate Obama pays his female employees lease than males .. that’s why some liberal women are stumping for Pailn.. But you need to check out other sources to determine what is actual and what is major media ,left blog disinformation.
    Palin is a successful conservative woman that the ultra left and left feminists want to visualize and portray as a ‘nut job.’ That way they don’t feel threatened by a woman with a different idea about what a woman is .. so the need to bash. Never did said you were a ‘radical nut job.’
    Do you feel that way?
    gotta go now — nice chatting with you.

  7. E.-
    Nice chatting with you as well.

    Palin is portraying herself as a radical nut job.

    If she was a moderate, perhaps she would be viewed as a moderate. As it is, she’s a radical, she’s a nut, and is portraying HERSELF as such.

    If you don’t think I check out “other sources”, you clearly haven’t read my other posts- which is fine- I have a suspicion that they aren’t exactly your cup of tea- much like this post wasn’t up your alley.

    You are correct- Palin has not taken anything from me- but not because she doesn’t want to. She hasn’t done it- yet- because she has lacked the power to do so.

    She has unabashedly shared her views, and it is HER words, her views, that lead people to believe that she will stomp all over our rights if given the chance.

    Again, we can bicker back and forth about Palin’s butchering of Albright’s quote, and Albright’s original meaning when she actually said it… but my views will not change, and I assume yours won’t either.

    Let’s just quit while we’re ahead, shall we?

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