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Truth, Lies, the GOP and White Sheets

Why oh why must so many people believe every single thing they read?

Oh well… gives me something to write about, I guess.

I don’t mind setting the record straight… but this particular rumor left me scratchin’ my head a bit… wondering…

… What the hell?

Here’s the deal:

There’s this nasty rumor winding its way through the blogosphere, accusing Michelle Obama of contacting a news source by the name of API (African Press International) and raging about all the ridiculous things that are being spread about her husband- even offering favorable treatment to the organization, should they set the record straight about her hubby.

Michelle was incorrectly quoted as going berserk to API, accusing people of “spreading rumors created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man’s name… evil people… out to stop her husband from getting the presidency”.

The article goes on to claim that Mrs. Obama loves her husband, and will give the publication favorable treatment if they would simply set the record straight about her man.


For God’s sake, people…

The story is fakeso say multiple sources, including the ultra-conservative National Review.

They hate Michelle Obama so rest assured… if they’re calling the shit fake…

It’s fake.


Michelle Obama never called anyone, let alone some weird ass out-there organization called African Press International.


Do we really believe Michelle Obama cares whether the likes of All-American-Blogger (this would be the beloved spouse of Joe Six-Pack) speaks the truth about herself and her husband… so much so that she would call API up on the telephone and say such things?

I mean…


This is not exactly a legitimate news organization… nor is the story itself particularly well-written. For example, Farrakhan is spelled with 2 r’s, not one… and certainly, innauguration is not spelled “innoguration”.

Clearly API’s budget does not include such luxuries as spell check…

I’m not really saying that API’s “statement” is even wrong… in principle… I don’t think anything they claim Michelle said is inaccurate… other than the fact that Michelle said it… cuz she didn’t… 

America has its share of ass-backward bigoted people… bloggers included… so that part is definitely true…

… But why would this woman make a stink about a bunch of racist pricks during a time when her husband is literally kicking John McCain’s ass- up one side and down the other- in the polls?

Plain and simple, she wouldn’t.

This is desperation at its finest.

The Republicans thought for sure they had Obama’s black ass in a sling with all that Bill Ayers/Jeremiah Wright nonsense…

Unfortunately for John McCain and Sarah Palin, when it came down to it, average Americans decided they cared more about the economy, their 401K plans, gas prices, and figuring out how to avoid foreclosures on their homes than they did about whatever completely desperate bunch of bullshit certain rabid conservatives could cook up this time.

The Republican Party simply cannot bring itself to operate as if the average American actually has a brain… and is therefore capable of individual thought and open-mindedness…

The GOP is proving yet again that the only bag of tricks they have left is one scare tactic after another…

Fear mongering at its finest.

I understand Halloween is just around the corner but… please…

Take off the fucking sheets…

Let’s debate some issues that actually exist for a change.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

8 thoughts on “Truth, Lies, the GOP and White Sheets

  1. Answer me this, how in the hell do you know what Michelle Obama did or didn’t do?

    Let me give you the right answer: You have no fucking clue.

  2. Karl… Err… Mr. Rove,
    How many times do I have to tell you, it isn’t necessary to disguise yourself on this site!

    I mean yeah, I may be liberal and all… but… I’ll still post your insane bullshit.

    No need to hide.

    Oh- and to answer your question, I know what Michelle Obama did (or didn’t do) because I can read…

    I actually fill my brain with stuff other than propaganda and drivel.

    If something doesn’t make sense to me- and hell, even if it does make sense- I research it…

    And then I cite my sources.

    Don’t take my word for it…

    See all those pretty blue words in my post that are underlined??

    Those are my sources… yep… that I cited.

    Sorry hun- I have more a clue than you ever could hope to have.

    But by all means, keep that white-fist anger comin’…

    I love it!!

  3. White people still have the right to be angry. So of course I will still exercise my first Amendment right. You love the white rage just like I do. I love to see white people actually stand up for themselves and not be scared of being labeled ‘racist’ for saying HELL NO! to a socialist terrorist-sympathizer. Obama and William Ayers. What a lovely American peace activist right? HA. You bring up the KKK to incite, yet you CRY injustice when McCain calls Obama ‘That One.” OBAMA CALLS HIMSELF THE ONE! You people are out of your damn minds!

    I have no idea who you think I am, but I’m not. I just ran across your blog and thought you must be off your rocker to think the API would just completely fabricate a phone call from Michelle Obama. Why would they do that? What incentive could they possibly have to create a conversation between them and her and post it on their blog? Your ‘facts’ don’t add up.

    Why are you voting for Barack Obama?

  4. Painful, do people in America still complain about propoganda and the state of your journalism?
    It’s how it is now, no stopping it, get over it. It’s like complaining that a knife is sharp, or that fire is hot, that’s just how it is.

  5. Hello Mariestacey-

    Wow… Down girl!

    You have lost your damn mind! LOL.

    It’s cool though- the smell of defeat will do that to a person.

    Just so you know, I do not bring up the KKK to incite… I bring up the KKK because racist-ass people such as yourself remind me of that particular organization.

    I mean, really…

    “White people still have the right to be angry”?


    Rest assured, should that day come when you actually remind me of Mother Theresa instead of the dreaded KKK- I will post a picture of her too.

    Keep talkin’ shit about imaginary friendships between Obama and Ayers… it’s cool with me… I’d take my chances with Barack Obama- and all the names you’re so willing to call him- before signing off on a McCain/Palin ticket any day.

    Be careful about the doors you open though… keep in mind, imagined partnerships between Obama and Ayers may inspire some of us more liberal people to remind you of the ties McCain’s current Transition Chief had to Saddam Hussein- while he was still alive, of course… and the fact that said Transition Chief, along with 2 other men, lobbied for Mr. Hussein…

    Google him- his name is William Timmons.

    So… uh… which is the more dangerous terrorist again? William Ayers, a nobody… or… Saddam Hussein, whose country we’re currently fighting the War on Terror in?

    Moving on… answering another one of your ridiculous questions as to why the API would completely fabricate a phone call from Michelle Obama… Are you serious??

    Why did half of this country completely fabricate the fact that Barack Obama is Muslim?

    Why did half of this country completely fabricate the question of Obama’s citizenship?

    Why did half of this country completely fabricate this so-called friendship Obama has with William Ayers?

    Why did half of this country completely fabricate Obama’s ties to radical muslims in both Africa and the Middle-East?

    Why did half of this country completely fabricate Obama’s supposedly being a socialist terrorist-sympathizer?

    People are sick.

    I’m voting for Obama because he is the best chance this country has for change… I made my decision based on the issues, not rumors, lies, or the color of his skin. I agree with him on most things… from the War on Terror to abortion to the economy…


    Unlike others- apparently yourself included- I’m not willing to look at a man, and instantly, based on his skin color and unique name, decide to distrust him.

    Unlike others- and again, I include YOU in this category- I am not willing to dislike the man based on his looks alone… and then, when unable to produce a single reason to truly distrust this “different” fella, rather than look at the truth- and the fact that racism is at play- instead start making up ridiculous lies and rumors to justify my own closed mindedness.

    So call me whatcha want, dear… you can tell me I’m off my rocker and whatever else…

    But at the end of the day, it is closed-minded, bigoted people such as yourself that have lost.

    Not me.

  6. mariestacey,

    You said
    “I have no idea who you think I am, but I’m not.”…..

    Seriously???? If you don’t know who Karl Rove is, you are a very bad republican! Go sit in the corner and google him.

  7. Hi Judy-
    What struck me about mariestacey’s “I have no idea who you think I am, but I’m not” line was…


    If you have no idea who I think you are… then…

    How do you know you’re “not”?

    Just sayin’.

  8. The extremist right wing hate what Michelle Obama stansd for, a woman who is intelligent, who stands up for what she believes in and is attractive, and successful.

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