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They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…


What the hell was McCain doing, anyway?

… At the debate, no less.

It’s official…

He has completely lost his mind.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

8 thoughts on “Huh…

  1. Well.. if he didn’t lose his mind, then he may have lost his stomach and just vomited. He couldn’t stand the pressure of being in the company of those who are experienced and fit to lead… or the age difference gap: him being 180 years old vs Obama’s under 50! :p

    Has anyone noticed how he walks on stage? Somebody needs to get him a walker!


  2. So so true!

    I truly was left scratching my head in confusion over this pic…

    Not only does it leave me dumbfounded, but I find myself utterly revolted as well.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by!

  3. It is a quick freeze frame from when he was unsure of which way to move on the stage and he had made a jester by moving his arms and made a joking face when he was trying to figure out which way to go. It is a bad picture but completely out of context to what was happening. It had nothing to do with him making a jester at Obama.

  4. Chaze,

    Congrats on your blog. I wish you well. I read your post on skepticalbrotha and dropped by to give ya a hollah. Interesting bio you’ve got; somehow I thought of the Obama girls when you mentioned yours.

    Anyway Johnny McCain has seen the inexorable writing on the wall…his last hurrah… and it was so manifest in his tone, eye rolling and general impulsive and impetuous body language that I even felt a little sorry for the pathetic , fallen man.

    At SB’s site, I predicted that BO would eat his lunch during the debates and that’s exactly what happened but I had no idea it would be this one-sided.

    Though he was quite funny tonite at the Smith Memorial Dinner in NYC tonite I am afraid it’s not going to be enough to change the outcome on 11/4.

    Again, much success on your site!

  5. sixseven-

    Thank you so much for your encouragement, and I hope you continue to stop by!

    Sounds like we see eye to eye on Obama and McCain the Maverick.

  6. OK it’s funny — but I watched the debate and am pretty sure this never happened. I think I would have noticed. It’s likely that someone’s been spending a little quality time with PhotoShop!!

  7. Hi Michele-
    It actually did happen- as a reader pointed out to me, it was at the end of the debate when McCain got confused about which direction they were supposed to be going to exit the stage.

    His facial expression is what did me in… I just don’t get it.


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