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Kill Him… Treason… Terrorist… Off With His Head

I know this isn’t new anymore, but…

For those of you who think all this hateful shit, the threats of violence and pleas to have Obama killed isn’t important, perhaps this can put it in perspective for you.


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4 thoughts on “Kill Him… Treason… Terrorist… Off With His Head

  1. These have been debunked. The “Kill Him” comment was specifically discredited as a deliberate lie on the part of the media by the US Secret Service and local law enforcement at the rally in question.

  2. jonolan-
    These have not been “debunked”.

    There are some people who are of the opinion that just because McCain supporters claim it never happened… doesn’t mean it never happened.

    If it was all b.s. and never happened, why then, was McCain forced to address it at another rally?

    I mean if it’s all just a figment of a bunch of liberals’ imaginations… it should have been a non-starter.

    The hatred John McCain and Sarah Palin have incited and condoned is absolutely horrific.

    If you would like to continue burying your head in the sand, pretending that this shit is nothing but urban legend, go ahead…

    I, however, choose otherwise.


    During a heated moment in his final presidential debate with Sen. John McCain, Sen. Barack Obama noted the anger of some supporters at rallies for McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. “All the public reports suggested,” Obama said, that people shouted “things like ‘terrorist’ and ‘kill him’.” Making a death threat against a presidential candidate can be a crime. But even before Obama cited “reports” of the threats at the debate, the U.S. Secret Service had told media outlets, including NEWSWEEK, that it was unable to corroborate accounts of the “kill him” remarks—and according to a law-enforcement official, who asked for anonymity when discussing a political matter, the Obama campaign knew as much. Now some officials are disgruntled that Obama gave added credence to the threat by mentioning it in front of 60 million viewers. At this point in the campaign, said one, candidates will “say anything to make a particular point.”

  4. Sam-
    There are clips from every major news source where you yourself can listen to McCain/Palin supporters yelling “kill him!”, “Treason!”, “Terrorist!” and my personal favorite, “Off with his head!”.

    The GOP themselves have addressed this hate… though after a week or so of condoning the bullshit, to hear them suddenly condemning it is a little disingenuous.

    Why would McCain address the hatred, admit that he’s witnessed it at his rallies, and condemn it, if it never happened?

    This seems to be McCain’s new campaign tactic- initially, they were all about inciting hatred… I guess the hate got a little out of hand, because it backfired, and they slipped even further in the polls behind Obama.

    Next, they decided to condemn the hatred but that didn’t work either- McCain got booed at recent rallies when he tried to speak out publicly against the death threats and fear-mongering… death threats and hatred that he himself, and his running mate cultivated and initially encouraged.

    When that failed- they decided to flip the script again and pretend it does’t exist- never happened.

    The moderator at the debate is the one who brought these hate-filled comments up- not Obama.

    He was merely asked, by the moderator, what his thoughts were… and he responded appropriately.

    The Republicans have a long history (even going back to when they were the dixie-crats) of inciting hatred and violence against minorities.

    Then they want to wonder why most minorities wouldn’t come near their party with a 10-foot pole.

    Now, in a day in age when their feet are being held to the fire, they want to act like they don’t know what the fuck people are talking about.

    They started the shit, let them suffer the consequences for it.

    Anyone who condones it, or pretends as if it didn’t really happen is as bad as the people who perpetrated it.

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