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The Sky is Falling… Oh Wait… It’s Just ACORNs

Here’s my take on this ACORN stuff.

What a bunch of trivial bullshit.

Republicans, led by John McCain, are losing this election… so they had to come up with something, right?

ACORN is a huge organization… and it does some amazing work… unfortunately, as is the case with most large organizations, they have a few bad apples… it has some folks that either didn’t care about the integrity of the group, or who got a little over-zealous with the voter-registration process.

Regardless, ACORN, with the help of thousands of people who remain devoted and committed to helping people excercise their right to vote- minorities and low income families especially- has managed to register more than 1.3 million voters in the past 18 months.

Sure, there were a few Mickey Mouses, Donald Ducks and dead people who somehow got registered as well… thanks to aforementioned bad apples within the organization… but who can possibly say the work this group has done has been more bad than good?

Only the GOP.

While ACORN itself is non-partisan, a large percentage of the people it registers tend to vote democrat… not because of some ass-backward consipiracy on ACORN’s part… but mostly because the majority of conservatives- John McCain, Sarah Palin, George Bush and all their cronies included- don’t give a hoot about low-income-to-low-middle-class black people- or latinos, asians… hell, anyone who isn’t white.

To be fair, a large amount of the funding it receives is from the Democratic Party… again, most likely because the dems- at least lately- tend to be the only people with any level of anything even resembling a social conscience… and a need to help people less fortunate excercise their Constitutional rights.

Many voters who registered via ACORN, while perhaps low on money, are not low on intelligence… and they know the GOP doesn’t give two shits about them, their families or their jobs.

In fact, not only does the GOP not care about them… it actively works to silence them.

Not in some Godfather-Mafia kind of way… but by cutting funding to such things as medicaid and social programs… you know, the kind of stuff that the average low-income minority might actually benefit from.

John McCain could lose this election, a scenario he probably never even considered a possibility until he heard about all them negroes ACORN has helped register recently…

Now, all of a sudden, he wants to cry foul.

Get the hell over it Johnny Maverick.

You wanna do a case study in voter fraud, and make people think you actually give a shit about the integrity of the process?

EEK! It's A Fraud!!

Look at your own fuckin’ party’s involvement in Florida in 2000

Where was all the self-righteous-Republican-outrage when that shit was goin’ down?

Guess voter fraud is only an issue when it doesn’t help the rich white guy win.



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One thought on “The Sky is Falling… Oh Wait… It’s Just ACORNs

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