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Plastic Blow-up Dolls, John McCain and House Negroes

Well, it was bound to happen…

Apparently It isn’t possible for one black man to vote for another black man without people accusing the blacks of just sticking together.

According to George Will, Obama actually gets two votes in this country for every one he loses because he’s black.


How many votes does he get for the effigies by way of ghosts hangin’ in peoples’ yards, or taunts calling for his death and decapitation at rallies?

Surely shit like that’s worth four votes per incident!


Naw… make that five votes.

Colin Powell has been one of the very few- and I do mean few- assets of the Republican Party for much too long.

He is far too intelligent, and cares about his country way too much to cast his vote for- and publicly endorse- a presidential candidate merely because they both happen to be black.


According to Don Billings, a conservative attorney in Maine, Colin Powell is racist.


Billings, it seems, has- just in the last couple of hours, mind you- developed an amazingly cultivated case of psychic ability, and says had Obama been a white man, Powell never would have endorsed him.


What a slap in the distiguished Colin Powell’s face.

I’m willing to bet Powell’s endorsement of Obama had nothing to do with his race, and more to do with the fact that a plastic blow-up doll would make a more effective President than John McCain- and would be much less dangerous than Sarah Palin.

Just sayin’.

The GOP claims to stand for freedom… but as soon as one of “their” negroes dares excercise it…

… He is dumped quicker than a hot potato.

I guess Colin Powell’s black ass- in spite of all his contributions to America- was only worth the average conservative’s attention as long as he was shuckin’ and jivin’ on their behalf.

No more house-negro priviledges for you, Powell!

It’s back to pickin’ cotton!


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

6 thoughts on “Plastic Blow-up Dolls, John McCain and House Negroes

  1. I saw this clown. These dudes don’t realize the implicit racist statement of refusing to believe that a black person could vote for another black based on the merits. He sat on Meet the Press and clearly outlined why he supported Obama: the republicans are pandering to the far right too much and Sarah Palin was a disasterous choice for VP.

  2. Hi politicalmusic-

    Well said, as usual.

    Powell couldn’t have been more clear in listing all the reasons WHY he’s endorsing Obama.

    All of the reasons were legitimate…

    … And none of them were because “he’s my brotha!”


  3. Very well stated… Many of us knew that had Powell endorsed McCain he would have been all good. He would be the “great American Patriot” that he has always been touted to be. But endorsing Obama makes me “field negro material” quicker than you could say, “sellout!” In this case they feel he is selling them out – I would argue that he carried their water too long and understood that when he left Bush’s second administration following the false report he gave to the UN. Powell sees what other conservative black men have seen over the years ala JC Watts… that “they don’t love you!” And for this guy to have all of these years of distinguished service.. to become Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State etc… of course they show their own ignorance they way they threw him under the bus.
    I guess its not possible that he feels the nation is actually in peril because of Republican policies.
    They have no more use for him now… so as you said… he’s “back in the field.” Just like the rest of us. I would love to see what Sec. Rice would say about this.

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