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John McCain, Stewie, Nazis and Socialists

One of the top stories today on Fox News is entitled, “Did ‘Family Guy’ Go Too Far With Nazi ‘McCain’ Pin?”.

When I saw it, I laughed.

I then feverishly searched YouTube for a clip from the episode in question.

I have to wonder… if ‘Family Guy’ went too far in depicting McCain supporters as Nazis, does that then mean McCain supporters have gone too far in depicting Obama as a Socialist?


Ok then…

… I guess I just don’t get it…

‘Family Guy’ creator Seth McFarlane didn’t even call McCain a Nazi… he depicted McCain’s supporters as Nazis (not an inaccurate representation if some of the comments I get on this site are any indication)…

Yet many of McCain’s supporters attack Obama directly, calling him- personally- a Socialist.


So if McCain’s supporters are Nazis, does that make him Hitler?

I mean, if it’s ok for one side to do it, it must be ok for the other side too…


Somehow I doubt it’s that simple.

Regardless, you gotta love hypocrisy at its finest…


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7 thoughts on “John McCain, Stewie, Nazis and Socialists

  1. Lol, I’m a socialist and I take offence at people describing Obama as one! He and McCain have pretty similar views on almost everything, bar a few fringe issues. For this reason, it’s pretty bizarre for McCain to be referring to Obama and his supportes as Socialists.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts kennedy121-

    I think there’s a whole lotta bizarre shit goin’ on in this campaign…

    … But your point is well taken!

  3. You realize, of course, that “Family Guy” is written by and aired by a channel mostly seen as conservative. Fox makes fun of themselves all the time. I mean, they’re a channel that have a lot of conservative people working for it, yet, they’re always making fun of it in their TV shows. I see it as a good sense of humor, never meant malignantly. They put Homer in one of the episodes of the X-Files, make fun of homophobia (though you know most of them probably are, to a degree, homophobic) and plenty of other things. It’s just their style.

    I find it strange that you are educated and obviously intelligent enough to specify that “Family Guy” is the one that made the Nazi joke rather than Obama/Biden/the Democratic Party, and yet still act like the Democratic party is being hypocritical for saying McCain and Palin go too far to say it in their own speeches. Also note, Obama/Biden don’t actually say anything to the like in any of their speeches. In fact, their mockery and insulting attitude towards the other party has been relatively minor, all things considered, especially looking at what they could do just to retaliate to some of what (especially Sarah Palin) has said.

  4. Sarah-
    The first thought that comes to mind when reading your comment is the fact “Family Guy” is not written by Fox. It is written by Seth MacFarlane, a staunch Democrat.

    Second, Fox News and Fox are not the same animal. I understand that it’s all part of the same corporation, but surely you aren’t saying that the Fox that runs “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons” is the same beast that airs Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

    Next, it seems you missed the entire premise of my post. When this episode aired, it was during a time when conservatives were calling Obama Socialist, Marxist and Communist… Even Palin was calling his policies Socialist at rallies… unfair characterizations in my mind… and yet when Seth Greene comes out with an episode of “Family Guy” taking basically the same stab at McCain/Palin, conservatives cried foul.

    The irony was too good to pass up- apparently in the minds of conservatives- it’s ok to call the Democratic nominee everything BUT patriotic in rallies, in the media- in short, in a “serious” forum- but suddenly it’s crossing a line when, in a strictly-for-entertainment-purposes-only forum, Seth Greene compares McCain to a Nazi.

    If you recall, back when the episode aired, McCain supporters when nuts, crying about how unfair the show was to conservatives.

    Again, you missed the point of the post entirely. I have never said that I believed Obama/Biden OR the Democratic party “is being hypocritical for saying McCain and Palin go too far to say it in their own speeches”.

    In fact, I believe the opposite to be true… in this case, I believe it is the conservatives that are the hypocrites… in the sense that they can call Obama a terrorist, a socialist, a radical muslim and any other number of UNTRUE things, and yet wanna cry like a bunch of little bitches when the shoe is on the other foot.

    If anything, the fact that Obama/Biden have NOT gone after McCain/Palin in the same fashion, stooping to the same level as McCain/Palin have, shows more about Obama’s character… and the fact that just because it would be an easy shot to take, he has integrity, and has chosen to take the high road.

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