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The Liar, The Beast and… The Political Campaign

The GOP wants you to believe they are not capitalizing on the fear and hate that exists within white America.

They want you to think they are above playing race games, pitting stereotypical, helpless young white people against just as stereotypical, violent black people

The GOP is lying right to your fuckin’ faces…

They almost got away with it this time.

We were all horrified to hear the story of 20 year old Ashley Todd, a young supporter of John McCain.

According to the tale, Ms. Todd, while attempting to withdraw $60 from an ATM in Pittsburgh, PA, was robbed.

The perpetrator of the crime was said to be a tall black man.

He apparently approached her, took her money… and upon viewing Todd’s pro-McCain bumper sticker, beat her into oblivion… even going so far as to carve a “B” onto her face…

… Just let her know that she was being punished for being a McCain supporter.

The media, of course, jumped all over this.

So did McCain’s campaign.

They were happy as hell…

In fact, Senator McCain’s Pennsylvania headquarters immediately went into spin overdrive, releasing details of the attack to the press- even before the police could verify them.

They did their best to capitalize on this crime.

How scary… a helpless young white woman… ostensibly minding her own business… attacked by a scary knife-wielding black mad man who was intent on exacting his radical politically motivated reverenge by way of carving a “B” into her face, representing the first initial of his presidential candidate’s name.


Are our children safe?

Shall we “pro-Americans” begin locking our doors at night?

Not only do we have scary terrorists on the loose… supported by none other than that black-ass liberal… but now we have scary black thugs doing the bidding of “That One”!

Oh, the horror!!

Except that it was all bullshit.

The whole story…

From Ashley Todd’s being robbed at the ATM to the backwards “B” that was carved into her cheek…

… Was a  lie.

There was no black man…

… Hell, there was no crime.

Political attack my ass.

The only political attack occuring in Pittsburgh that night was the attack the GOP launched against Barack Obama.

In Ashley Todd, McCain supporters thought they’d finally found their (r)ace in the hole.


She is currently being held in county jail, pending a mental evaluation.

In other words, she’s crazy as a loon. 


She’s been charged with making a false report to police.

She’s the scary one… She’s the unhinged one… She’s the one who just ain’t right…

… It’s not Barack Obama.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

7 thoughts on “The Liar, The Beast and… The Political Campaign

  1. Obama claims to have only made $12,000 a year as a community organizer. Yet, he was able to travel to Indonesia and Pakistan, just to name a few, after 2 years at Occidental College. Then 4 years of Columbia University, Harvard Law School and 7 houses with one of the houses discounted at a cost of $1.65 million which is at issue with Tony Rezko.

    Hmmm. Makes you wonder where he gets all of this money from.

    PS. Maybe I should take a trip to Muslim places like Indonesia and Pakistan it seems as if money grows on trees there! heh

  2. Chels-

    Ummm… maybe he made his money by earning it?!?!

    It’s pure ignorance to even insenuate that Obama travelled anywhere- whether to Disney World or far away lands overseas on anyone’s dime but his own.

    I guess a black man can’t earn his money honsestly, huh?

    If you do not believe Obama made a mere $12,000/yr as a community organizer, how about provide some evidence to prove it? Otherwise, you’re just like the rest of ’em… dealing not in legitimate issues, but in rumor, inuendo, racism and all-out hatred.

    Not only did you choose not to cite your source with regards to Obama’s supposed “travel” (leading me to believe it’s yet another fabrication- added to the long list of bullshit GOP scare-tactic rumors), you neglected to pin-point a single, unethical thing the man did with regards to the traveling itself.

    So the hell what if he travelled? And honestly, who gives a damn where he went? Only closed-minded racists would give two shits about such data… and again… that’s assuming you aren’t lying… which is a big assumption.

    Beyond any of that…

    Your comment did not in any way address the point of my post- that a young white member of McCain’s staff concocted a horrific story for no purpose other than to incite racial and political hatred.

    I guess the point of my post was actually a little too valid for you to bother addressing it.


  3. what’s bizarre is that she was a member of his campagaign. don’t they vet these people? but more importantly, is this the kind of hatred and divisiveness that is being taught or promoted in their campaign offices? geez, it’s scary to be a black american. just when we think that the country is ready to get over the race issue we see that people like these gop constituents still exist.

    p.s. i like the (r)ace in the hole.

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