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Puppies, the GOP and Denial

Sarah Palin denies spend on clothes was £90,000I believe I’ve identified one of McCain’s campaign tactics…

If bad press rears its ugly head, step one is to attempt to diffuse it… and when that doesn’t work…


Even if the reason for the bad press is legitimate and true, and campaign spokespeople- and candidates themselves- have already acknowledged it…

… even if it can easily be proven, deny the hell out of it.

I’ve witnessed this at least twice now.

Initially, the tactic was used with regards to the hateful garbage that was coming out of angry conservatives’ mouths at recent McCain/Palin rallies.

With people losing their damn minds, screaming such horrific nonsense as, “Kill him!”, “Treason!”, “Terrorist!” and “Off with his head!”, the GOP initially tried to pretend it was no big deal.

Never mind the fact that they were inciting racial hatred and violence


I mean really… those damn liberals take everything too seriously.

Death threats?

Stop being so literal! It’s not like anyone’s really going to kill Obama…


Regardless, playing the nut-role didn’t translate very well in the polls, and the Republicans found themselves scrambling… the public at large, it seemed, expected them to condemn such behavior… not condone it.

So next thing you know, suddenly Palin-Poodle and McCain-Maverick begin condemning the remarks… they waited for their numbers to rise in the polls… and…

… Nothing happened.

Most likely nothing happened because regular ol’ America is tired of the b.s.

We are smart enough to realize that Frick and Frack over here with the GOP started the negativity to begin with.

Hell, days before their campaign took a turn towards the 11th century, they warned us they were going to do it… it was time to get nasty.

Regardless, their little impromptu KKK time just didn’t work.

Not in their favor anyway.

So the next thing they did was…


Suddenly the blogosphere was filled with conspiracy theories about mainstream media… how as much as we regular Joes heard the shit with our own ears… it never happened.

No one had yelled for Obama’s death and decapitation… that damn liberal media made it all up.

After inciting it… then very publicly acknowledging it by pretending to condemn it… suddenly Palin and McCain are playing dumb… denying the hatred and death threats were ever a part of their rallies.

They want you to think it never happened.

I call bullshit.


Thankfully none of that “it never happened” crap ever made it as far as a single reputable news source.

Sorry- bloggers really do not count.

Fast forward the clock to just this past week, and we have news that the McCain Campaign has spent over $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.

We also learn that McCain’s highest-paid campaign staffer is…

Wait for it…

… Sarah Palin’s make-up artist.

The woman made damn near $23,000 in the first two weeks of October.



Is that more than, say, their foreign policy advisor made?

You betcha!

Sounds a little excessive for a puppy dog… even if it is all grown up and wearing lipstick.

I don’t think Joe-the-plumbing-six-pack can actually relate to someone who spends more on clothes and make-up in 7 weeks than he spends in a lifetime… for his entire family.

Initially, McCain’s campaign did their best to spin the shit outta this thing…

They aren’t keeping the clothing, they assured a very concerned America… no worries… the items will be auctioned off for charity or simply given back


No harm, no foul.

Again the campaign waits with bated breath…

… “Will they believe us? Will the polls tip back to our favor?”…

Hell no.

So now what?

Deny, deny, deny.

Now we suddenly see Palin on the boob-tube claimin’ nobody spent that type of money on her clothing…

… How she’s so frugal… gosh, if people could only see how frugal her family really is…


Note to Sarah-

We aren’t talking about your family, pit bull lady.

We’re talking about the campaign’s spending… on you… at Neimann-Marcus and Sak’s…

Again, I call bullshit.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

One thought on “Puppies, the GOP and Denial

  1. I just have to ask… what store wil allow you to buy a several thousand dollar jacket, wear it for 2 months, and then return it and give you 100% of your money back. Please Mrs. Palin, let me know what store that is because I will definately start shopping there.

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