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John McCain, Ambulances and Meet the Press

I watched John McCain on Meet the Press this morning.


What a cranky old man.

Tom Brokaw was a gracious host… and wasn’t terribly tough on McCain… though he did ask him a few hot-button issue-type questions…

A few times, I really thought McCain was about to blow a fuse or have a coronary or something.

I wonder if they had an ambulance standing by… you know… just in case?


This man is not only a danger to our country, but he’s a danger to his own health…

I have serious concerns about a man who wants to lead the free world and can’t hold it together- keep his temper in check- during an interview in which he’s simply asked about his sagging numbers in the polls.

Barack Obama, in contrast, has been called an Arab, a terrorist, a n*gger, a halfbreed Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with being a halfbreed  or a Muslim), a Communist, a Socialist, a Marxist, his wife has been portrayed as a scary left-wing black panther nut, he’s had his life threatened, his patriotism and citizenship questioned…

… And has managed to remain calm and likeable, presidential in demeanor, and he never lost his sense of humor, let alone his temper as a result of any of it.

Obama is simply ready to lead.

He has handled himself so well in contrast to McCain that I find myself believing that Senator Barack Obama was born to take on this role.

These are legitimately scary times… certainly scary enough without the added hate-fueled lies that the McCain campaign has endorsed and helped spread about the Dems and Barack Obama.

McCain is a mess.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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