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On, if you happened to be shopping for Halloween costumes… let’s say you wanted to be a terrorist this year… and typed in the words, “Terrorist Costume” in their search engine, a single result would have generated:

amazon mask.jpg

Wonderful, isn’t it?

… In a scary right-wing hell-fire and damnation kind of way…

In my own “terrorist” search on, the results also yielded Obama t-shirts.



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2 thoughts on “, Obama and Terrorists

  1. Just as an fyi…this is likely not a search that was setup by Amazon. Amazon allows shoppers of their site to add “helpful” tags for their search engine. Likely, this was done by a distasteful “shopper” on their site that added these tags and Amazon has not caught onto it yet. I am not saying it makes it right but I highly doubt those search tags are Amazons choice of words.

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