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Desperate Dole Manufactures Godless Hagan

What a week.

With all the political maneuvering, manipulating and mudslinging, I had to take a step back and regroup for a few days.

It’s a rare occassion indeed that the C-Haze finds herself at a loss for words… but really… I have been speechless.

I did learn that ugliness isn’t a tactic the GOP only reserves for national politics, in hopes of securing the presidency.

It’s a tactic that the party uses on the state level too, as we saw with Elizabeth Dole’s (R-NC) “Godless” ad campaign against challenger Kay Hagan.

Of course the ad is completely bogus… it isn’t even Hagan’s voice at the end, claiming “there is no God”…

Now I find myself shaking my heads at yet another example of a Republican candidate who still doesn’t understand that Americans are tired of this nonsense.

This hateful, boogey-man-in-a-democrat’s-suit-who-will-take-all-your-money-and-turn-you-into-a-communist-heathen angle they seem to be pushing simply isn’t working.

The GOP is behind in all the polls… many prominent Republicans are outright endorsing Barack Obama… suddenly there’s the very real possibility of the Dems seizing both the presidency AND congress in just a few days.

And yet they still just don’t get it.

When Hagan sued for defamation, Dole responded with…

… yet another “Godless” ad.

Hagan is currently in the lead in the senate race.

This “scare the hell out of everybody- even if it means just outright lying about the opponent” tactic simply isn’t working anymore.

Bush sucked that particular line of attack dry.

People simply aren’t afraid of the GOP-concocted boogey-man anymore.

In fact, many of us would rather take our chances with this elusive boogey-man than live through another 4 years of what we’ve had shoved down our throats over the last 8.

Will the Repubs ever learn?

I’ve posted both of Elizabeth Dole’s ads below.

Here’s the first ad that ran:

And the second:


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