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Dick Cheney, Charles Manson and Presidential Endorsements

I was surprised to learn that Dick Cheney endorsed John McCain yesterday.

My surprise doesn’t stem from the fact that Cheney endorsed McCain… Let’s face it… who the hell else was he going to vote for?

… I simply find it amusing that Cheney waited so long to do it.

It’s interesting that he waited until 3 days before the election to announce his anything-but-surprising support of Senator McCain.

Likely, he waited as long as he could for the same reason we haven’t seen or heard much of President Bush lately.

It’s my sense that McCain’s camp didn’t want Vice President Dick Cheney’s endorsement any more than they want Charles Manson’s support…

… And Charles Manson isn’t responsible for nearly as many deaths… and… uh… that’s sayin’ somethin’!

I’m certain Bush and Cheney were instructed to disappear- keep their damn mouths shut- and for God’s sake, don’t remind people that they’re leaders of same party as McCain/Palin.

Clearly, nobody wants four more years of the same.

The strategy probably stems from the assumption that most Americans have already decided who they’re voting for… and an endorsement from such an unlikeable person won’t cause near as many problems… or turn as many people towards the other ticket… as it would have, say, a few months ago.

With friends like Dick Cheney, who needs enemies?

Personally, I’m proud to be rootin’ for the other guy.


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2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney, Charles Manson and Presidential Endorsements

  1. ngoldfarb-

    Uh… you send me a link to your wordpress blog… that has ZERO sources cited…

    … And claim it’s “FACTS, JUST FACTS, ONLY FACTS”?


    How about you cite a source or two… produce something- anything- other than closed minded bigotry in support of your claims…

    … And maybe, just maybe, someone will take this nonsense serious enough to even have an intelligent conversation with you about it.

    Until then… put the crack pipe down… and back away slowly…

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