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Barack Obama, Our Prayers Are With You

Senator Barack Obama’s grandmother has passed away.

My thoughts and prayers were already with Obama and his family on the eve of this election, but now they are with him for additional reasons.

His beloved grandmother was so close to witnessing her grandson make history as the president of the United States.

Unfortunately, neither Obama’s parents nor grandparents are alive to see the results of this historic election.

We will have to support him in their absence.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

14 thoughts on “Barack Obama, Our Prayers Are With You

  1. What a piece of shit he is. He sure wasn’t proud enough of his white grandmother to involve her before now. A new low for sure…going for the sympathy vote. This lowlife will do anything to get elected….

    now on queue…all you glassy-eyed faithful are supposed to fawn and sigh and say “poor wittle Obama, we’ll elect you and it will be alright”

    I guess a white grandma didn’t fit into the facade until the night before….

    he disgusts me…………

  2. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Dems will win this election…

    … Crazy, closeminded, bigoted jackasses just like TejasPo have basically guaranteed a win for Obama.

    Seriously TejasPo… do you think he killed his own grandmother on the eve of the election just to win a few extra votes?

    People like you just don’t understand that America is tired of the scare-tactics, the hate and the bigotry.

    Oh well, annoying a jerk as you may be…

    … You really did help us win big in ’08.

    So whatever, thanks for doing your part.

  3. TejasPo,

    Really?? Hmm… and what did he do over a month ago?? OH! thats right! He suspended his campaign for a few days to go spend time with her before she passed! So this is NOT just a ploy… She is mentioned in every speech I have seen him give.
    She died late Sunday, and he is on the road TODAY, in MY hometown because this election is so important…

    So if you are going to go and say that this is a ploy, go get your info before you start spewing BS. She has been his rock and he always talks about his grandmother in everything he talks about…. and has from the beginning… for well over a year.

    The man just lost his grandmother…. How would you like it if someone said that about you when you were deep in grief?

    YOU, TejasPo, disgust me.

  4. No..I don’t beleive that he killed his grandmother….however i do beleive that everything about this empty suit is scripted for consumption…including this little piece of sympathy…the timing….the media blitz…..its certainly smells just like Obamamedia.

    Close-minded? I was open-minded until Obama turned into nothing more than a media-made, used car salesman. I’m ashamed that we are electing this guy…and I’m embarressed for all the people that simply followed along like good little sheep, dancing along like jesters thinking that making “history” is all that matters…..what simpletons!.

    No……on the contrary….thanks for doing YOUR part. For helping elect a man to the most important office in the world with a resume so thin, and so many shitty backwater aquaintances…that he wouldn’t even rate a security clearance to a rural sheriff dept.

    Bigoted? Nothing in my opinion is bigoted….biracial pres is no issue. His selective use of race is, however. Sorry, the selective use of the racism card is tired….time for another schtick.

    I think you are mistaken, the lack of character in demanding he answer questions and be totally vetted, has helped Obama get into our most important office. You will ultimately be held accountable for this….but right now I’m sure its time for giddy, mint-julip sipping celebration….

    I’m saddened that this nation could not find 2 better candidates to choose from. Hopefully we’ll learn from these next 4 years.

  5. Judy Honey…Calm down……I’m not one of the glassy-eyed faithful. yes he did go on that well-publicized, well timed trip to see his grandmother….. As I said, nothing about this man is authentic and the media blitz around it was disgusting.

    And I’m not glazed over into to voting for someone and giving them a pass in the name of “history”. try being a deeper thinker.

  6. You know Chaze, your statement to TejasPo is right on, at least for me in regards to people like him helping Obama to win. I was a diehard McCain supporter up until about two months ago. I even donated to his campaign. But seeing the prejudice and hate that spouts out of the mouths of so many of his supporters has made me switch over and vote Obama. I just finally got so tired of hearing things like Tejas has stated that I just can’t play on that team anymore.

  7. Hi Sherry-
    I know you have commented on my site in the past, and I know you and I have not always seen eye-to-eye.

    However, one of the most refreshing things about you is that you are informed.

    We have both done our research- on some things we have come to different conclusions- but I have been able to respect your opinions because you do your homework- and it shows.

    That’s what’s great about this country, and what’s been fun about this election season. We don’t have to agree on everything, but it’s been a helluva ride discussing, debating- hell, sometimes straight up duking it out- with some really smart people.

    Unfortunately, while many of us were doing our homework, researching the issues, trying to be as informed as possible, there were a lot of people like TejasPo out there… trying to undo some of the progress we’ve all made as a nation in recent history.

    Fear is a mo-fo… and by my estimation TejasPo and others like him are scared to death right now. Scared of change, scared of the boogey-man, and worst of all, scared that they were wrong- wrong about Obama’s legitimacy as a candidate; wrong about the intelligence of the women in this country- wrong to think we would simply fall at McCain’s feet because he picked a female running mate; wrong about this country’s capacity to hate anyone who may be different from us.

    We’re just tired of all the negativity. The negative campaigning, the lies, the ugliness… all of it… and it shows. Initially we seemed so divided… and a lot of people still are… but it’s refreshing to see people from both sides of the aisle coming together and saying “ENOUGH”.

    The vast majority of the conservatives I know are not like TejasPo… nor are they racist or bigoted. It is a disgrace that this minority of idiots have been allowed the power to become the most vocal representatives of the Republican Party.

    People are beginning to identify the GOP with people like TejasPo… and wrongly so.

    Hopefully the lesson has been learned.

    We’re sick of the hate and ugliness.

    Thanks for gettin’ me on my soapbox! LOL.

    … And thanks for weighin’ in.

  8. Thank you C-Haze…I enjoy reading your blog even though I don’t agree all the time. But I enjoy hearing opinions that are separate from my own. I do not have the time to blog myself but I enjoy reading the blogs of others.

    I do hope that the Republican party will make it back some day…but I do think they need a good kick in the butt. My hope with their likely loss in the presidential race and senate races, that it will allow them to take a step back and hopefully remind themselves what they stand for. The republican party has definitely lost its way these past 8 years. I feel confident in four years they will be better and stronger than ever as they have some “self-reflection” time.

    Although I disagree with Obama on many issues, he has proven himself as a capable leader in the sense of being able to keep a level head and he is obviously a very intelligent man. I just hope he surrounds himself with advisors that will help lead him in the right direction. I definitely don’t think the sky will start falling if he is elected. The fear mongering campaign from the Republicans is not working for me. If they had just stuck to the issues, which is where they are strongest, then they likely would have had a better chance.

    Tomorrow is definitely going to be an interesting day..and no matter who wins, it will be history in the making. I can’t wait.

  9. Sherry-
    That’s what I told my daughter recently- we have to watch all of the debates, the rallies, stay informed… because we are a part of history right now.

    Tomorrow we are either going to elect our first female Vice President, or our first black President… either way, we should all be very, very excited.

    If Obama wins, it’s my hope (and hell, I’m willing to admit I’m probably a bit naive) that he will reach across party lines and surround himself with the best and the brightest from both parties.

    I think you’re right about the Republicans… I would even take it a step further and say there are many people on both ends of the political spectrum that need to take a step back and do some serious soul-searching after this election.

    Many liberals and conservatives alike have behaved absolutely shamefully throughout this political season.

    Most of us just want our country back… we don’t want to be divided, we don’t want the hatred or the negativity…

    Tomorrow will be exciting, that’s for sure!

  10. TejasPo,
    #1, You don’t know me. Do not refer to me as “Honey”.
    #2, You don’t know me. I originally was NOT an Obama supporter. I actually considered voting for McCain. When I realized that they both had great positives and they both had negatives, I did massive amounts of research on both candidates. One always needs to be the most informed that they can be. I have conducted research from both conservative and liberal biased media as well as completely unbiased media (Thank you!). Needless to say I discovered that lies and rumors have been strewn throughout both camps.

    Let me toss your words back to you:
    “I’m not glazed over into to voting for someone and giving them a pass in the name of “history”. try being a deeper thinker.”

    Why are you voting for McCain? Is it just because he had to come up with a way to make history as well by choosing an unvetted girl to be his running mate?

    Regardless of who you vote for, you are voting historically. I say we put down our guns and see what happens tomorrow. Regardless of who anyone votes for, the fact that they voted is the most important factor of this election.

  11. Tejas, Tejas, Tejas, you poor soul…you have been listening to Rush and Hannerty for so long that you have become like them … filled with hate, pessimism and cynicism.

    Pres Elect Obama’s ‘resume is thin’? Just how disingenuous are you? Most of us do not attend a single Ivy League university. He has attended TWO, and not only attended but graduated at the top of his class, ( as opposed to 5th from the bottom) Law Review president, urban, urbane, erudite, even-tempered, etc,etc,etc.

    If you were to have surgery, Tejas, would you want the surgeon who graduated 5th from the bottom of his class or the valedictorian?

    After Harvard, he could have written his check to financial security (as opposed to marrying a wealthy beer heiress) but it was his VISION that enabled him to see that a career helping disadvantaged citizens could later lead to a fuller and more rewarding career. (Thank God for solid insight, huh Tejas!)

    Can you, Tejas, think of anyone who has run a more compelling, dynamic and successful primary and presidential campaign with little or no internal strife– as was the case with his competitors–leading the pack from the beginning to the end?

    Are you also saying, Tejas, that all of those white people in Iowa who set race aside, got this ball rolling and who voted for this capable, insightful and decent black man are some how gullible?

    Lastly, would you list two or three candidates whom you believe are more eminently qualified to be president than Barack Obama?

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