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The Rev. Jesse Jackson Says It All

By now we have all seen the touching image of Jesse Jackson, in tears, as Obama gave his victory speech late Tuesday night.

The image, in my mind, has come to signify what millions and millions of us were experiencing as we learned that Barack Obama would be our 44th president.

I cannot look at the picture without experiencing chills, goosebumps… and more often than not, I wind up shedding a tear or two myself.

Many people, especially my generation, are not huge fans of Jesse Jackson… and while it is true he has become an extremely polarizing figure in the last 20 years, it is also true that his devotion to civil rights is unmatched.

Jackson has not simply witnessed the transformation this country has undergone, he has been actively involved in it, every step of the way.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has explained- beautifully- what was in his heart and on his mind the night of Tuesday, November 4th.

He again speaks for many.

Well, on the one hand, I saw President Barack Obama standing there looking so majestic. And I knew that people in the villages of Kenya and Haiti, and mansions and palaces in Europe and China, were all watching this young African-American male assume the leadership to take our nation out of a pit to a higher place.

And then, I thought of who was not there… As mentioned, Medgar Evers, the husband of Sister Myrlie… the martyrs and murdered whose blood made last night possible. I could not help think that this was their night.

And if I had one wish: if Medgar, or if Dr. King could have just been there for a second in time, would have made my heart rejoice. And so it was kind of duo-fold – his ascension into leadership and the price that was paid to get him there.

There is nothing more to add.

Jackson has said it all.


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6 thoughts on “The Rev. Jesse Jackson Says It All

  1. This shows the humanity and the work of Jackson. Remember as much flack as he has taken over the years – certainly some of it deserved, he has stood on the front lines for decades fighting not just for days like this, but for the everyday guy catching hell from the cancerous effects of racism, bigotry and injustice.

    I am thankful that he was alive to see this day!

  2. jasminefrompakistan-

    I have yet to hear Obama say he is planning to bomb Pakistan- either during a retreat from Iraq or at any other time.

    I have heard Obama state, as have many others, that if Pakistan continues to harbor terrorists crossing the border from Afghanistan, the U.S. will not take military action off the table as a means to rectify the problem.

    I’m not a policy-maker, so I cannot speak to what he actually plans on doing one way or another. What I can say, however, is that Pakistan, like many other nations, is much better off with Obama in office, as opposed to a cowboy like Bush (or even McCain, who obviously represented four more years of the same).

  3. thanks, i appreciate ure response, thing is we aren’t harboring them, we been infected by them, and we are taking strong measures to deal with that. But only we can deal with it, it can’t be done from the outside, definetly not by military means., all ure would be doing is poking a stick into a hornet’s nest.
    I hope ure right about Obama, but generally, he is not trusted in Pakistan after things he has said. We’ll see.

  4. jasminefrompakistan-

    Generally, perhaps with the sole exception of Osama Bin Laden, I agree with you.

    I do not support the United States taking unilateral action and invading other countries- it is why I am so adamantly opposed to the war we are currently fighting in Iraq. I would hate to see anything similar to that nightmare repeating itself anywhere else.

    I appreciate your view- that Pakistan is not harboring terrorists, but rather, is infected by them- and in reading your comment am reminded of why I would never want to be a politician!

    I understand that you may be leary of Obama… please keep in mind that unlike Bush or McCain, Obama will sit and truly listen to anyone and everyone that wishes to speak to him. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame a single person of Middle-Eastern descent for not trusting the United States, after all the colossal errors we have made over there in recent history.

    It is also important to keep the ways of our mainstream media in mind. What you have heard, while actual quotes, are likely sound-bites that have been taken out of context.

    Obama will not take any measures- military or otherwise- without knowing with absolute certainty that it is the last resort, and all other non-violent, diplomatic options have been fully exhausted.

    Unlike his predecessor, Obama is a man of peace, and will take the non-violent route if given the chance.

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