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Wardrobes, Sarah Palin and Destitute Staff Members

I was thinking I may stay away from all things Sarah Palin now that Barack Obama has won the presidency.

My thought process was that if Obama can continue to take the high road, surely I can too.


Not so much.

Some of this stuff is simply too juicy to pass up, so here I am, tail between my legs…

… but gleefully laughing on the inside.

It appears GOP lawyers have been dispatched to Alaska to collect some of Palin’s RNC-funded wardrobe.

This report reminded me of a little tid-bit of information I was able to glean yesterday from the news.

Apparently Governor Palin spent well over the widely-reported $150,000 on her wardrobe.

Once the Republican National Committee learned how much had been spent on clothes for our Palin-puppy, they cut her off, and explained clothing purchases were no longer authorized.

Unfortunately for them, the Governor doesn’t easily give up.

Since she was unable to use the GOP-Proper as her sugar daddy, she simply resorted to using her staff members’ personal credit cards instead… to the tune of twenty to thirty thousand dollars worth.


Oh well, it’s not like she was stingy or anything- she bought clothes for herself, her husband and her baby.


… cuz that’s necessary to win an election.

None of this was widely reported at first, but since the election is over, these staff members are now submitting their personal credit card receipts for reimbursement.


Ain’t that some shit?


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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