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The Elephants Are Locking Horns…

Oh boo-hoo.

The GOP doesn’t approve of the people Obama has picked for his staff thus far, and is throwing a temper tantrum as a result.


Cuz that’s effective.

Perhaps the Republican Party would be better served by going to sit in their collective corners and doing some deep thinking about the mess they’ve caused, and how they plan to clean it up.

A time-out, if you will.

Since they lost the election, I have yet to hear a single prominent Republican say anything that even remotely resembles the soul-searching the party so desperately needs.

I’ve heard the blame game- it’s all Sarah Palin’s fault… it’s all John McCain’s fault… it’s all Barack Obama’s fault… it’s all the liberals’ faults…

… No one seems to be saying what everyone else (if they have half a brain, anyway) already knows.

The GOP is dying a slow, painful death.

At the end of its days, much like a wounded animal, the only thing they were capable of doing was attacking.

Their purpose became about hopelessness… negativity, fear and ugliness.

The American people have spoken, and in casting our votes November 4th, stated in no uncertain terms that we are sick of it.

If the Republican Party is to survive- and let’s face it, I won’t be crying any tears if it doesn’t- the only way for it to happen is for them to back up, close their mouths, and listen.

Listen to the members of their own party who voted for Obama… voted for new- democratic- representatives in Congress over the old- conservative- incumbents… they voted for change.

They voted for hope.

The GOP will need to stop the finger pointing, and look within themselves so that they can figure out how in the world they allowed a scary, closed-minded and bigoted- albeit fringe- minority become the most vocal and easily seen face of who they are.

They wanted us to think the Boogey-Man was alive and well in Barack Obama when in fact, the Boogey-Man was them.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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