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Secret Service, Sarah Palin and Hatred in My Land

Going along with the Republican Party’s theme of hate and bigotry, we hear news from Washington that the Secret Service is blaming Sarah Palin for an increase in death threats against Barack Obama.

These threats coincide with Palin’s remarks, beginning in October, centering around her claims that Obama’s been “palling around with terrorists”, her attacks on his patriotism, and her strange obsession with William Ayres’ almost non-existent link to the democratic nominee.

Certainly Sarah Palin is not solely to blame. She did not create this mind-numbing ugliness… though she definitely didn’t hesitate to capitalize on it.

The threats became so common- and credible- that the Secret Service warned the Obama family about them.

Understandably, this news was devastating to Michelle Obama who, like the rest of us, was absolutely dumbfounded by the hatred and threats of violence coming from McCain/Palin supporters.

Thankfully, the nut jobs that wished physical harm on Barack Obama and his family turned out to be the exception- not the rule- though they were quite loud and after a time seemed to be speaking for the masses.

This is the nonsense that needs to stop.

People can make whatever excuses they want to make… that Barack Obama is a radical, that he is unknown, that he is unpatriotic and un-American…

… But the fact remains… this is a country torn by racism- a nation sliced down the center, with half of us looking to move in the direction of progress, while the other half fears change, fears brown skin, fears anything that is different than that which they have become accustomed.

The ignorance this election has exposed is mind-boggling and heartbreaking.

The United States of America made history on November 4, 2008… we can look at our black children now, and tell them there are no limits… they can reach the sky if they want to…

… But we know, secretly in our hearts, that in doing so, it may cost them- our babies, my beautiful black-women-in-training- their lives.

This is not the nation we claim to be, the beacon of hope we represent to the rest of the world.

We are the land of the free, the home of the brave.

We are the melting pot.

We are the land of opportunity, where all things are possible.

How then, could we have allowed this to happen?

Bigots, and murderous white supremacists who feed on hate did not just crop up here, in our country, on the day Barack Obama announced his bid for the presidency.

Too many people turned a blind eye, long before this political season even began… convincing themselves and those around them that this ugliness did not exist… not on their watch, not in their towns, not in their homes…

… and certainly not in their hearts.

Too many people were wrong.


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