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The Fake A$$-Kissing and Pretending to Fall Over One’s Self Has Commenced…

Now that the election is over, we all need to come together- Democrats and Republicans- and get with the job of making this country great again.

I truly believe that.

So why am I struggling like I am?

Key Republicans are doing just what we’ve been saying they need to do- coming out together in support of Obama’s presidency.

Or are they?

When Sarah Palin proclaims her excitement at Obama’s victory, “God bless Barack Obama and his beautiful family”… I can’t help but remember that it was less than a week ago that she would have us think he “pals around with terrorists”.

Congresswoman Bachmann congratulates her state of Minnesota, which went blue this election, for voting for Obama and sending the “right signal”… and yet she was the one, in October, who almost lost her own bid for re-election- for stating that Obama has “Anti-American” values.

Next we have Joe Lieberman… boy was he tough on Obama while campaigning for McCain… accusing Obama of cutting off funding for our troops, and claiming that Obama’s top priorities do not include the U.S.A. (Lieberman should talk- he can’t possibly see anything but shit, with his head up Israel’s ass like it is)…

… Now he wants us to think he is so happy our new president-elect won, he’d like to re-join the democratic caucus.

I mean damn, he wants to switch teams- again- just so he can serve our new guy… he’s THAT supportive of Barack Obama.

Just all of a sudden.

Uh huh.

I’d have been cool, had these particular Republicans simply… say… called for a moratorium on all racist/terrorist/anti-American accusations against Obama…  it truly isn’t necessary for them to damn near kill themselves to jump on the “I love Barack Obama” bandwagon.

It makes sense that perhaps some wounds need to be licked- or something.

People sound stupid, trying to convince the public-at-large that they have managed to turn 180 degrees in mere days…

Palin has often looked like she wanted to call for Obama’s death- she certainly allowed others to do so at her rallies… and suddenly we’re God-blessing him, his victory and his beautiful family?


No one would have blamed the GOP if they had needed to take a month or two off- say, up until the inauguration- to regroup- and then come out in full support of their new democratic president.

This extra-mushy, super-sweet, super-FAKE sign of support is nauseating.

These are the same people that would cut this man’s balls off with a butter knife, first chance they get… Are they really so arrogant as to think we’re buying into this shit?



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4 thoughts on “The Fake A$$-Kissing and Pretending to Fall Over One’s Self Has Commenced…

  1. What you say only serves what so many of us have been saying for years. That being that there’s not a dimes worth of difference between Democrats, and Republicans. Most especially when they 9either party) are in power.

  2. patricksperry-

    I believe there are a lot of similarities between politicians- regardless of their political party.

    That being said, there most certainly is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans… at least in the way the 2 parties are represented in today’s political climate.

    Republicans have no philosophy.

    They can’t make their traditional “small government” claims- not when they just came up with a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.

    They can’t claim to know what’s good for the ecomony- not after the current cluster-fuck, resulting in the nation’s biggest financial meltdown in recent history- a direct result of “fiscal conservative” ideology.

    They can’t do much with their faithful standby- the “moral” ticket- not after allowing a wacko-fringe minority of radical right-wing nuts become the face of their party- resulting in the alienation of many of their own members.

    They can’t do much with defense spending- an ideology they’ve run circles around the dems in the past on- as it’s kind of challenging to push for billions of dollars in defense spending during a recession.

    In short, they got nothin’.

    Nothing, that is, but negativity, bigotry and hatred.

    That is the difference between the 2 parties.

    Conservatives may not agree with the ideology of the Democratic Party, but currently, we are the only party standing that even has any ideologies at all.

    Democrats, in addition, offer hope, and a clear plan of action for change.

    The GOP, again, falls short.

    Not since the days of Reagan has the Republican Party had any similarities to the Democratic Party… those were the days when Reagan offered us a little hope… much like Obama does now.

    Reagan’s Republicans were moderate voices of reason… they actually stood for something… and that something was worth being proud of… worth fighting for.

    They have since run on tickets full of emptiness and desperation… ugliness and rigidity.

    It is pathetic and disingenuous of them to now, when it means the least, fall on their hands and knees and want to join our ranks.

    They’re proud of this historic moment?

    That’s hard to believe, considering the lengths they went to- the lies they told, the fear they did their best to spread- mere days ago, to keep it from even happening.

    Nice try though.

  3. patricksperry-

    If your point is that the GOP is in the midst of crisis, after having failed in their campaign of ugliness, bigotry and negativity…

    … then…

    Glad I could help.

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