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Rising Blood Pressure, More Bailouts and a New Kia

This crap is getting downright old.

Another bailout?


This time it’s the automobile industry.

Rumor has it that the dems, led by Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker), are pushing for $25 billion in taxpayer funds to help the 3 biggest- and most troubled- companies within the auto industry.

The bill is expected to pass next week during a lame-duck session.

Funding will (hopefully) come from the already-approved $700 billion originally earmarked to save the financial sector on Wall Street.



Here’s what I need to know- Why is there an extra $25 billion available from the original bailout package?

I mean, I thought this $700 billion price tag was the bare minimum- a must- to save the banks…

…So did Congress actually pass a much bigger package than was actually necessary?

Say it ain’t so!

Seems to me, it wasn’t too terribly long ago that politicians were hoppin’ up and down, swearing that the banks needed at least $700 billion to save their butts…

Are they now saying that the banks didn’t actually need all that money, and that there is enough excess- billions in excess, mind you- to save Ford, GM and Chrysler too?

… And did the original damn bailout even work?

I don’t know about anybody else, but my 401(k) is still as deep in the shitter as it ever was.

Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

If there is enough excess from that original bill to bail out the auto industry then I’m pissed off that I was lied to… it would mean that my representatives fed me a bunch of bull about how necessary every penny of this was, and took more than they needed to take- of my money.

On the flip side, If there isn’t enough excess to cover the auto industry then I am pissed off because really, what the hell are we having this conversation for, if we can’t even afford to help?

Look- the whole thing stinks.

Bush has said he may veto, should Congress send legislation his way that requires the government to dip into funds that have previously been earmarked for Wall Street.

At the same time, however, the bill may not pass if Congress tries to create an additional bailout- to the tune of $25 billion- seperate from the money set aside for the financial sector.

Not without billions in added pork, anyway.

Regardless, I still haven’t heard a single fuckin’ word about who is going to help me– the little guy who needs it most.

When I bailed out the banks, nobody tried to make my loans easier to repay or more secure in return.

Now that I have to bail out the auto industry too, I don’t hear anything about lowering the interest on my car loan, or hell, even helping me make a single payment.

If the government wants to “shore up the economy”, how about take those billions of dollars- our money- and give it back to us?

Hell, if I had an extra several hundred thousand dollars in my pocket, I’d start spending.

I promise you I would.

I’d do it with finesse!

What better way to get the economy going again than giving hard-working people their own money back, and letting them spend it?


This nonsense has my blood pressure up.

This is why I voted against every last incumbent on the ballot November 4th.

I figure the people we have runnin’ this thing have done a royal job of scewing it all up… so I voted for every single challenger on that damn ballot, regardless of party line.

I had never even heard of half the people I voted for.

… But I didn’t give a hoot.

Meanwhile, if Chrysler goes under, I’ll buy a fuckin’ Kia… and if the rest of us do the same, they’ll have no choice but to hire the old Big Three union workers to meet their added demand.


And this time around, I suggest they NOT pay their employees 80 zillion dollars a year plus benefits to screw a damn screw into a flippin’ door down on the line… Union or not.

That’d save a bundle, I’m sure.

Better yet, I’m calling Chrysler as soon as this thing passes- they own the loan on my Sebring… and I’m letting them know that effective immediately, my loan is paid in full.

I just gave them 25 billion dollars, dammit.

I’m tired of this shit.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

2 thoughts on “Rising Blood Pressure, More Bailouts and a New Kia

  1. I am with you on this one. The government needs to stop this craziness. They need to let these companies fall. We are in for a world of hurt either way. Let capitalism take its course. We will bounce back.
    The finance bailout is so above me and my knowledge level of the mechanics of the economy so my idea may be terrible…but my theory is when the government is going to bailout the financial system…how about instead give 2,000 dollars to each citizen and require it goes towards a mortgage, exisiting credit card debt, or car loan, etc. That way the credit companies get some money back for liquidity and the citizens get some money taken off their loans.
    It makes so much sense in my head… but there is likely a part of the financial system I don’t understand.

  2. Hi Sherry-

    I probably understand about as much as you do, with regards to the economy…

    …I say your idea is about 10 times better than any of the crap these politicians have been able to come up with!

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