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Auto Bailout Doesn’t Go Down Any Better The 2nd Time Around

I think I finally understand what the deal is with this auto bailout.

I still think it stinks, but I can at least make some sense out of it now- at least more than I could before.

Recently, when Congress started talking about a $25 billion bailout for the Big 3 automakers, I felt like I had de ja vu.

I remember hearing almost the exact same thing- verbatim, in fact- back in September.

Congress passed a $25 billion auto bailout almost 2 months ago

So what the hell is going on?

Surely they haven’t spent all that money… right?

Well, the good news is, they haven’t.

In fact, they haven’t even received a penny of it.

The original bill earmarked the money to be distributed- in the form of loans- in 2009.


The problem now is that the auto industry doesn’t think they can wait that long, claiming they will be out of cash by December.

So the bill we’re hearing about- the bill Congress met in an attempt to pass last week- is a different bill, one that if successful, will make funds available to Ford, Chrysler and GM immediately.

Personally, I say tough shit.

I’m glad Congress, with no help from Nancy Pelosi’s screechin’ ass, didn’t get enough support to vote on the bill.

The Big 3 automakers simply aren’t viable.

They make these huge gas-guzzling vehicles during a time of economic calamity… shit the public doesn’t even want… and then go crying to the federal government, begging for money to keep making…

Wait for it…

… Shit the public doesn’t even want.


Cuz that makes all kinds of sense.

Or not.

Perhaps they should make a vehicle that gets better gas mileage.

Maybe it’s time for them to realize that the average American doesn’t want or need a pickup truck that can pull a 20,000 ton airplane behind it.

Seriously- who the hell wants to drive around in an SUV that gets 14 gallons to the mile?

No one does!

Well, no one but rednecks… and they’re definitely in the minority here.

… At least I hope they are.

Regardless, I am fed up with Congress, I’m fed up with whiny-ass bitches and CEOs- rich people who will remain rich no matter what the hell happens here- with their hands outstretched, begging for cash from those of us who can least afford to spare it.

You reap what you sow…

… They made their beds…

Let ’em lie down in the shit they’ve created.


Tryin' to get the hang of this life thing... one step at a time!

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